Science Strategy

Science Strategy

Creating a Better Future:
Forward Thinking for the Whole Food System
Science Strategy 2021-2026

Protecting you, what you eat and the world in which we live. Population growth, environmental change, food security, food safety and geopolitical uncertainty are impacting all areas of the agri-food chain worldwide and call for radical and disruptive innovation in food production and environmental conservation if mankind is to feed itself in the future whilst restoring the planet.

Our Purpose:

Original Thinking delivering a ‘Whole Food System ’ approach for a better future. 

We are a socially responsible, expert scientific services business delivering world leading support to public and commercial sectors to address the most demanding UN Sustainable Development Goals for benefit of humankind and our planet.

There is no singular approach to delivering food systems fit for the future. As food ecosystems evolve, there is a wealth of emerging technologies to help organisations build new capabilities to address tomorrow’s needs.

Market-led, Science driven.

Fera’s science is responsive and market led. Our cohort of scientists across multiple disciplines set the agenda, are agile and adaptive to the changing world.

As a translational science organization, Fera is focussed on science for impact – for public good, commercial advantage or both. We invest in partnerships with leading academic institutes in the UK and worldwide to support early stage innovation and to nourish our own talent resource and ingenuity.

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Strategic Science - Collaborate with Fera

Bridging the gap between research and impact across the whole food system. From farmers to processors, packers, formulators, retailers and hospitality, the food chain is faced with unprecedented challenges -but also new opportunities. Learn more about our key drivers below: 

  • Protecting
  • Growing
  • Supplying
  • Consuming
  • Replenishing

Fera in Focus: A History

For more information, download our science strategy booklet:

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