Science Strategy

Translating research into real-world solutions across the agri-food supply chain.

Science Strategy

With the formation of Fera Science Ltd in April 2015, it was essential to develop a new scientific roadmap that reflected the aspirations of the new organisation, whilst recognising the legacy of what had gone before.

As an organisation our focus is translating research into evidence and science-based products and services. As we move forward, we will encourage an approach that is more entrepreneurial, internationally-focused and integrated into cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes that are underpinned by our strategic partnerships and driven by the needs of our customers.

  • We are experts in agri-food science, working across the entire food supply chain.
  • Pioneers in applying diagnostics, measurement & analytical science.
  • Internationally-recognised authority on regulatory science & provider of scientific services, including proficiency testing, knowledge solutions & consultancy.
  • Conducting research to drive the development of innovative products & scientific solutions to: Protect crops, food & the environment from emerging & established threats, including pests, pathogens & chemicals; Enhance our customers’ brands, minimise waste and improve their environmental sustainability.

Learn more on this page, or download our Science Strategy document below.

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  • UK National Reference Laboratory
    9 Areas
  • Annual peer-reviewed papers
  •  Procedures accredited to ISO 17025*
  • Scientists and technical specialists

Core Science Capabilities

Our core capabilities include:

  • Chemical Safety & Stewardship
  • Crop Protection
  • Food & Feed Safety
  • Food Quality & Authenticity
  • Novel Diagnostics & Surveillance Systems
  • Plant & Bee Health
  • Proficiency Testing & Reference Materials
  • Risk assessment & analysis
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Waste Reduction & Biorenewables

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Our Science Values

With a heritage stretching back over 100 years, we built our reputation on delivering science for the public good. As we embark on the next stage of our history, we will build upon our established strengths: trust, independence, quality; whilst working to develop a fresh culture that is innovative, customer-focused and which reflects our new status and future aspirations.

  • We will conduct science that benefits society
  • We will be open, ethical and impartial; with a reputation for independence
  • We will align our ingenuity and innovation to our strategy and the goals of our business
  • We will deliver collaborative, multidisciplinary science by working as a single entity
  • We will focus our science to effectively meet the needs and expectations of all our customers
  • We will ensure quality underpins all of our science

Setting the direction:

Our underpinning science approach

  • Focus on translational science, creating an effective innovation pipeline channelling R&D into science solutions
  • Be more entrepreneurial, with a greater focus on IP generation & commercialisation
  • Develop a stronger international outlook;building partnerships overseas
  • Greater integration of our science capabilities into cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes
  • Provide freedom to invest in the development of breakthrough technologies in new, prioritised areas
  • Work with our academic partnerships to share our skills & knowledge bases
  • Optimise our horizon scanning & intelligence gathering to better focus our science on the needs of our customers & partners

Four Core Science Priorities

Our core science priorities form the foundation of all of our testing at Fera, as well as our research activities. Learn more about these priorities below.

For more information and case studies for our Science Priorities, download our science strategy booklet:

Download our Science Strategy

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