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Wine Authenticity
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In the UK, wine consumption continues to grow year on year, as high quality products are sold at ever improving value to the consumer in a competitive and saturated market. This can put producers under pressure to create products at a lower price point - leading to underhand cost saving methods being used. This has a negative effect on quality of produce, through tactics such as chaptalisation, the addition of artificial colorants or acid additions.

Fera’s innovative methods can highlight these tactics via a plethora of wine analysis methods. By utilising a multidisciplinary approach, Fera can provide an overall snapshot of wine samples, evaluating their quality against known and lesser known adulteration tactics. Overall isotope ratio methods are used as the backbone of our wine analysis capability, utilising UKAS accredited approaches to match your sample to known datasets, showing us increasingly useful insights into the product makeup - including geographical origin and basic composition. These insights can verify the authenticity of your products, strengthening your brand and putting your customers at ease.

Our other wine analysis methods, including illegal dye screening of prohibited dyes, give highly detailed reports with clear, useful conclusions for you to use to mitigate future risks to your wine supply chain integrity.

We help you protect the consumer as well as your brand image, all while making sure you can trace the product through your supply chain.

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Our tests are below:



Turnaround Time

Isotope ratio (includes: (D/H)I & II, 13C and 18O) SNIF-NMR and IR-MS 20 working days
Free and Total Sulphur Dioxide Iodometric titration 10 working days
Alcoholic Stength by volume Steam distillation and densitometry 10 working days
Natamycin screen (positive reported if above 5 µg/L) LC-MS 20 working days
Natamycin quantification (of a positive result) LC-MS 15 working days
Illegal dyes:
Auramine O, Butter Yellow, Fast Garnet, Metanil Yellow, Oil Orange SS, Orange II, Para Red, Rhodamine B, Sudan Black B, Sudan I, Sudan II, Sudan III, Sudan, Orange G, Sudan Red 7B, Sudan Red B, Sudan Red G, Toluidine Red
LCMS/MS 10 working days
Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Silver, Cadium, Lead and Arsenic.
ICP-MS 15 working days
Total dry matter OIV method 20 working days
3-MPD & cyclic diglycerols GC-MS 10 working days
Ash Furnace 10 working days
Glucose and Fructose HPLC 10 working days
Citric Acid HPLC 10 working days
Sorbic Acid HPLC 10 working days
Benzoic Acid HPLC 10 working days
Ethyl Carbamate GC-MS 10 working days
Hydroxymethylfurfural HPLC 10 working days
Artificial sweetners:
Aspartame, Acesulfame-K and Saccharin.
HPLC 10 working days
Artificial colorants:
Tartrazine, Quinoline Yellow, Sunset Yellow, Carmoisine, Ponceau 4R, Allura Red, Patent Blue, Brilliant Blue,Green S and Indigo Carmine.
HPLC 10 working days
Ochratoxin A HPLC 10 working days
Methanol GC-MS 10 working days
Microbiology Standard media
Pesticide screen Full suite (GC and LC, 350)

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