Fera Vision & Values

Original thinking applied to support sustainable global food security.

Fera Vision & Values

Population growth, environmental change, food security and safety and geopolitical uncertainty are impacting all areas of the agri-food chain worldwide. 

Our vision is to support our partners to respond to the challenges ahead through original thinking and world-class science.

We support our partners through world-class science to navigate complex regulatory frameworks

Developing sustainable treatments

Ensuring our partners are compliant with increased regulatory complexities in a time-efficient manner and with the minimum impact upon the natural environment.

Ensuring the authenticity and safety of food in the most cost-effective manner

As global supply chains become more complex.

Challenging potential food and feed deficits

As the world’s total population grows the agri-food sector needs to respond to this increased demand for healthy nutrition.

Managing the impact of environmental change

On all aspects of food and feed production, from water and soil stress to combating new disease strains and pests in the field, on the farm, on the shelf and in storage and transportation.

Fera corporate values

 Our mission is to deliver integrated, industry-facing products and services that improve the productivity, efficiency and sustainability across the agri-food chain, to support our partners in responding to the challenges ahead and for the benefit of our stakeholders and partners.

Core competencies, capabilities and technologies

Within a world where pests, pathogens, and weeds have become increasingly resistant to existing controls, our world-class capabilities and competencies will ensure our partners meet the growing demand for new compounds.

Additionally, our leading-edge knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology in assessing the environmental safety of chemicals and minimising their impact on the environment supports the agri-food chain and ultimately protects the consumer.

We advise policymakers on how best to deploy limited resources for the benefit of agriculture, ecosystems and societies. We support farmers and growers to adopt more sustainable practices, and advise chemical manufacturers on how to minimise their impact on the environment. Such wide ranging collaborations, partnerships and scientific work enable us to provide robust evidence, advice and support to partners whose activities may have an impact on the environment.

Complexity across the global agri-food chain has resulted in increasingly stringent testing to improve and protect public health and deliver increased traceability.

Quality is critical to being recognised as a worldwide centre-of-excellence and partner of choice. This is why we invest time and resources in achieving and retaining Accreditation and Certification. We have more than 100 procedures covered by the UKAS accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard* giving our partners confidence in the reports they receive. Our Quality Policy describes our commitment in meeting the requirements of the highly regulated international scientific business world. This commitment underpins our core values of quality, reliability and confidentiality in Analytical Chemistry and Consultancy.

As a National Reference Laboratory and provider of the world’s leading Laboratory Proficiency tests across food, feed and water safety, we deliver data upon which our partners can rely for quality assurance across the food chain ensuring compliance with the regulations.

Meet our Strategic Partners


Pivotal to achieving our vision will be growing our current partnerships and exploring new ones in core strategic markets whilst looking to work with partners from emerging technologies.

We will continue to proactively develop our relationship with Defra as a leading-edge advisor to the policy makers. We will continue to play a leading scientific role in discussions around the future delivery of economic value, environmental and consumer safety across the agri-food chain through our partnership with Government.

Our People

The best people in the right place focused on delivering the right solution. We will continue to invest in our people and support them in delivering the best support to our partners. We will continue to...

  • Invigorate our expert teams
  • Invest in our science capability
  • Expand research horizon in line with our Science Strategy
  • Identify and cultivate market adjacencies
  • Actively listen to our partners to deliver more of what they seek.
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