Amenity Turf

Assess and monitor turf condition across large sports and leisure sites

Amenity Turf

If you need to survey the condition of large grassed areas on golf courses, sports pitches or parkland, Fera has the aerial imaging technology, GIS and remote sensing expertise to produce all the information you need to monitor, assess and evaluate amenity turf and other vegetation.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are ideally suited to collecting high-resolution imagery data over large areas of land. We also have a range of sensors that can be fitted to these UAVs, allowing us to collect high-resolution (2.5 - 5cm) multispectral imagery, which is ideal for monitoring turf and vegetation conditions over large sites.

We also have the GIS and remote sensing expertise to analyse and interpret both satellite and UAV imagery – producing all the data you need to inform your course or grounds management decisions.

Our UAVs can provide:

  • High-resolution aerial imagery for planning and marketing purposes.
  • Assessment and monitoring of turf condition, health and stress.
  • 3D site plans and fly-throughs.
  • Golf course and green maps.

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Specific UAV applications and case studies:

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