Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

While we need to intensify our agri-food systems to meet the challenge of a growing population, we must do so in a way that has less impact on our environment and is more resilient to climate change.

Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

To achieve this, we need to increase sustainability, which means reducing waste, pollution and our reliance on non-renewable resources, whilst improving biodiversity.

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What we do:

Environmental monitoring

Develop novel approaches to integrate traditional survey methods with technology-driven innovations, to enhance environmental monitoring.

Environmental Safety Assessment

Provide leading-edge capabilities for assessing the environmental safety of chemicals to help minimise their impact on the wider environment.

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Innovative Solutions

Create new solutions (including eDNA, aquatic ecotoxicology and hi-resolution analytical methods) for monitoring pollution, contamination and biodiversity in aquatic environments to address resource challenges facing water in the agri-food chain.

Reduce losses

Help to reduce pre- and post-harvest losses caused by spoilage and contamination, including finding alternative uses for agri-food waste to minimise its environmental impact and maximise its economic value.

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