Science based solutions meeting food supply chain evolving demands

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Science based solutions meeting food supply chain evolving demands

Sustainability is no longer a bonus, it’s an imperative part of your future business model

Across the globe, consumers are demanding to know more about their food – where it came from, the effect of its production methods on our planet, and how workers and animals were treated in the process.  

Is sustainability at the forefront of conversations you are having with your customers?

A company that can explain the connection between actions it takes and sustainability can improve it’s image with consumers and ultimately customers and increase it’s marketable yield.

Building consumer trust in food

Brand loyalty doesn’t exist without the presence of food quality and safety.

Companies are moving beyond compliance – stand out from the crowd

The bar is rising for both safety and quality. To keep one step ahead of your competitors for food safety, and freshness you need to go beyond just doing what is needed to be compliant. 

Get your competitive advantage

When consumers and your supply chain partners know that you use science-based insights to drive quality and safety it builds brand equity and trust, creating differentiation.

Begin a partnership you can trust to support your growth...

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Crop Testing and Diagnostics

Minimise losses with crop testing & diagnostics 

Our diagnosticians are globally recognised for their expertise in diagnosing plant diseases and identification of plant pests.

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In Field Diagnostics

Avoid supply disruption with in field diagnostics

Fera is developing a range of in-field diagnostic services to help farmers and growers quickly identify pests and diseases and take appropriate action.

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Big Soil Community

Improve your biodiversity with the Big Soil Community 

Soil is the foundation of any farm so the right measurements to assess soil health should repeatedly be conducted.

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Remote Sensing and Mapping

Stay one step ahead with remote sensing & mapping

Our Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems (GIS) scientists can use cutting-edge UAV and sensor technology to supply all the imagery and analysis you need.

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Shelf Life & Stability Testing

Protect your brand with shelf life & stability testing

Our experts can develop and carry out a standard microbiological testing method to assess the bacterial content of food and beverage products as well as feed products to determine their use by date as well as associated hygiene or product practices.

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Pesticide Residue Testing

Manage emerging issues with pesticide residue testing

As new risks and threats to our food emerge daily, it’s essential that you stay up to date with the latest food testing and analytical techniques – to ensure the foods you produce, import or sell are safe, authentic and comply with the latest regulations.

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Contaminant Testing

Maintain quality with contaminant testing

Our experts focus on the scientific research relating to intentionally added food components and to those arising from chemical changes during food processing, bioactive chemicals and natural toxicants.

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Food Contact Materials Testing

Move beyond compliance with food contact materials testing

Food contact materials regulations continue to be complex and fast-moving, with increasing consumer demand for information.

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