Sarah Harkin

Sarah joined Fera in 2009 as an Assistant Ecotoxicologist working with birds, amphibians, mammals and invertebrates


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  • Area of expertise
    Bee Ecotoxicology & Team Manager
  • Years of experience
  • Highest qualification
    BSc (Hons)

Sarah has now specialised in bee ecotoxicology (honey bee and non-apis species) working on lab based, field and semi-field studies. She is an active member of the working groups that form The International Commission for Pollinator Plant Relationships (ICPPR).

Sarah also manages the Bee Team here at Fera and is responsible for the successful delivery of bee related projects.

More about bee ecotoxicology

Our research expertise and scientific resources can help you to test your plant-protection products for their effects on bee survival, development and behaviour – helping you to develop products that are safe for bees and other pollinators. We work closely with the National Bee Unit, giving us access to a huge range of resources to support your risk assessments, including more than 150 colonies of honey bees and a highly skilled beekeeping team.

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Latest Papers and Articles

Wilkins S; Jarratt N; Harkin S; Thompson H; Coulson M; (2013) "Effects of solvent on the toxicity of dimethoate in a honey bee in vitro larval study". Pest Management Science 69(4),462-463,

Thompson H; Fryday S; Harkin S; Milner S; (2014) "Potential impacts of synergism in honeybees (Apis mellifera) of exposure to neonicotinoids and sprayed fungicides in crops". Apidologie (45), 545-553,

Thompson, H. M., Wilkins, S., Harkin, S., Milner, S. and Walters, K. F. (2014), "Neonicotinoids and bumblebees (Bombus terrestris): effects on nectar consumption in individual workers". Pest. Management Science.. doi: 10.1002/ps.3868,

Sarah and their team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...

Bee Ecotoxicology - complete range of regulatory and non-regulatory safety testing.


Helping commercial companies to accurately assess the toxic impacts of plant-protection products and veterinary medicines on a range of ecosystems and species.

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Fera consultancy services support you through the regulatory processes required to register your chemical products and biocides in the EU.

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Environmental Fate

Regulations-compliant environmental fate studies provide essential data on the fate and behaviour of a range of chemicals in the environment including pesticides.

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Our Chemical Regulatory Work

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