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Nick is an terrestrial ecotoxicologist focusing on the effects of organic substances including agrochemicals, veterinary medicines and pharmaceuticals on non-target arthropods, honey bees, terrestrial plants and soil organisms.


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Phil performs the role of study director for highly technical studies as well as managing a large team of GLP study director’s working on a variety of chemical classes and regulations.

As the Senior Chemical Fate scientist at Fera, Phil’s duties include the line management of technical staff and being the technical liaison for customers. Phil’s team covers the delivery of GLP environmental risk assessment (ERA) studies for a wide range of industry and research customers.

Phil and his team work with customers within the agrochemical, veterinary medicine and feed additive sector. This requires Phil to have a broad understanding of regulations that apply to different chemical industries.

Phil has experience of study directing, field dissipation studies, soil, sediment, photolysis and water degradation studies using both radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled chemical substances. Phil has most recently been responsible for building Fera’s aged sorption and plant uptake factor study offering. In 2014 Phil was the technical lead and project managing for Fera Science who were involved with the Plant Uptake Factor ring test.

More about environmental fate

Environmental fate studies are key to providing the data required by chemical companies to complete thorough environmental risk assessments (ERA). They provide information on the fate and behaviour of chemical products in the environment, and contribute to the determination of the risk posed to human and environmental health.

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Phil and their team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...

Environmental risk assessment (ERA) studies including OECD studies. Studies on aged sorption, plant uptake factor assessment and cytotoxicity safety assessment.


Helping commercial companies to accurately assess the toxic impacts of plant-protection products and veterinary medicines on a range of ecosystems and species.

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Fera consultancy services support you through the regulatory processes required to register your chemical products and biocides in the EU.

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Environmental Fate

Regulations-compliant environmental fate studies provide essential data on the fate and behaviour of a range of chemicals in the environment including pesticides.

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Our Chemical Regulatory Work

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