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Phil Jennings has over 25 years of experience in fungal plant pathology, especially epidemiology, disease control, experimental/field trial designs and investigative research approaches.


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Phil has managed many projects in support of the agricultural and horticultural industry and UK Defra plant health policy.

Phil manages of number of projects on disease epidemiology and control. His main areas of research are risk prediction for Fusarium ear blight and associated mycotoxins and control of downy mildews with a particular emphasis on impatiens, basil and aquilegia downy mildew.

Phil also co-ordinates the team's efficacy testing work stream which includes primary (laboratory) and secondary (glasshouse and small scale field) screening of early development compounds, larger scale trials for near market and commercially available products and resistance screening.

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Efficacy screening for new plant protection products. Successful product registration relies on robust efficacy testing, you can rely on Fera to provide data across all stages of screening to support you with early product registration. Fera offers all the scientific expertise you need to assess and demonstrate the efficacy of your products. .

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Latest Papers and Articles

Wontner-Smith TJ, Bruce DM, Cardwell SK, Armitage DM. Jennings P (2014) Ochratoxin A production during ambient-air drying. Journal of Stored Product Research, 56, 1-7.

Jennings P, Thorp GL, McDonough S, Flind A (2012) Can T1 and T2 spray applications control Fusarium ear blight? Aspects of Applied Biology 117, 53-60.

West JS, Holdgate S, Townsend JA, Edwards SG, Jennings P, Fitt BDL(2012) Impacts of changing climate and agronomic factors on fusarium ear blight of wheat in the UK. Fungal Ecology, 5(1), 53-61.

Stenglein SA, Rodriguero MS, Chandler E, Jennings P, Salerno GL, Nicholson P (2010) Phylogenetic relationships of Fusarium poae based on EF-1a and mtSSU sequences. Fungal Biology, 114, 96-106.

Dinolfo MI, Stenglein SA, Moreno MV, Nicholson P, Jennings P, Salerno GL (2010) ISSR markers detect high genetic variation among Fusarium poae isolates from Argentina and England. European Journal of Plant Pathology 127, 483-491.

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New compound efficacy screening and resistance testing, fungal plant pathology, especially epidemiology, disease control, experimental and field trial designs

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