Libby Barnett

Libby leads the Wildlife Incident Unit and the interpretation and reporting of suspected pesticide poisoning incidents, which is part of the Health and Safety Executive's Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS).

Libby Barnett

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      Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS)
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The WIIS has two objectives:

  • To provide information to the regulator on hazards to wildlife and companion animals and beneficial invertebrates from pesticides; and
  • To enforce the correct use of pesticides, identifying and penalising those who deliberately or recklessly misuse and abuse pesticides.

The WIIS relies on members of the public and individuals from other organisations to find and report the death or illness of wildlife, pets and beneficial invertebrates that may have resulted from pesticide poisoning.

Libby represents WIIS for England and Wales in the WILDCOMS network and has presented results of WIIS at UK and international fora and conferences.

More about WIIS

The Wildlife Incident Unit (WIU) plays a key role in investigating the effects of pesticides on animals and the environment, through its contribution to the Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme (WIIS).

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Latest Papers and Articles

  • Barnett E.A., Charlton A.J. and Fletcher M.R. (2007). Incidents of bee poisoning with pesticides in the United Kingdom, 1994-2003. Pest Management Science, 63:11, 1051-1057.
  • Barnett E.A. et al. (2000-2006). Pesticide poisoning of animals 1999-2005: investigations of suspected incidents in the United Kingdom. Report of the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides, MAFF, London.
  • Fletcher MR and Barnett EA (2004). Bendiocarb poisoning in a green woodpecker. Vet. Record, 155(16): 503-504.
  • Brown P., Charlton A., Cuthbert M., Barnett E. et al. (1996). Identification of pesticide poisoning in wildlife. Journal of Chromatography. A, 753, 463-478.
  • Fletcher M.R., Hunter K. and Barnett E.A. (1994-1999). Pesticide poisoning of animals 1993-1998: investigations of suspected incidents in the United Kingdom. Report of the Environmental Panel of the Advisory Committee on Pesticides, MAFF, London.

Events past and future

2012: Presented a platform session and posters at the 6th World Congress and 22nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), in Berlin, Germany May 2012.

Berlin SETAC Poster

Libby and her team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...

Field and laboratory trials of novel pesticides and interpretation/reporting of suspected pesticide poisoning incidents.

Unique, long term data set (more than 50 years) of mortality monitoring of animals where pesticide poisoning may be involved.

Highly skilled analytical team capable of detecting pesticide residues in a wide variety of matrices, for a wide variety of applications.


Helping commercial companies to accurately assess the toxic impacts of plant-protection products and veterinary medicines on a range of ecosystems and species.

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Fera consultancy services support you through the regulatory processes required to register your chemical products and biocides in the EU.

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Environmental Fate

Regulations-compliant environmental fate studies provide essential data on the fate and behaviour of a range of chemicals in the environment including pesticides.

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