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Graham has over 30 years experience in the fields of applied research and teaching in the areas of environment and food, with a focus on contributing to sustainability, safety, quality and security.


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Graham's primary work has been applied research and teaching in the areas of environment and food, with a focus on contributing to sustainability, safety, quality and security. Research interests have included evaluation of the behaviour and impact of environmental contaminants (heavy metals and pesticides in freshwater ecosystems), development and application of rapid assays (antibodies and aptamers for authenticity, contaminants, allergens, pathogens and biomarkers), evaluation of novel or sustainable food ingredients (bioactivity, functionality, consumer acceptability) for new product development and packaging solutions to extend shelf life.

Graham also has extensive experience with industry engagement through training and applied research to support translation to future commercial applications and business growth (especially SMEs). Graham is a member of the IAFRI joint venture with University of Newcastle and currently developing training, research and commercial services in food innovation and packaging technology (especially active, intelligent and sustainable packaging solutions) and continue to be an active science communicator to encourage understanding, interest and entry into science-based careers. Graham holds fellowships with the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of the Arts and is a member of the Institute of Food Science & Technology and the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

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At Fera our experts can develop and carry out a standard microbiological testing method to assess the bacterial content of food and beverage products as well as feed products to determine their use by date as well as associated hygiene or product practices. Our methods are based on standard ISO method and consist of testing on growth plates and results are recorded and interpreted by a qualified microbiologist within an accredited laboratory setting.

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26 & 27 June 2018 - Packaged - The 7th Global Summit, Amsterdam

The summit is a great networking event and explores the latest innovations in interactive packaging, nanotechnology and active packaging. The event will also discover the advances being made in materials for enhanced product safety and security.


Graham and their team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...

Food Contact Materials Testing

Our work involves targeted and non targeted analysis of known and unknown migrants. Analysis can be carried out in complex matrices (foods, food simulants and food contact materials and articles) utilising a range of advanced chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques.

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Contaminant Testing

Our experts focus on the scientific research relating to intentionally added food components and to those arising from chemical changes during food processing, bioactive chemicals and natural toxicants.

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Authenticity Testing

Fera's analysts use industry leading techniques and cutting edge technologies to ensure compliance with food safety regulations, protecting public health and traceability.

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