Elena Fesenko

Elena works in the Science Strategy Team and is leading on the impact and TRL (Technology Readiness Level) assessments.

Elena Fesenko

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    Physical and Analytical Chemistry
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Elena also manages and coordinates activities of the Institute for Agri-Food Research and Innovation (IAFRI), the joint venture between Fera Science Ltd and Newcastle University.

Elena was granted the Royal Society/NATO Fellowship and moved to the UK to continue her research. She gained experience and expertise in a broad range of R&D topics in engineering, chemistry and life sciences through working in public and private sector organisations. After a rewarding early career in academic research and industrial R&D, she expanded her practical knowledge to project management and science governance. Elena also is involved in the review and evaluation of EU R&D framework projects.

Fera's Science Strategy

We live in a changing world, one that faces global challenges such as climate change, increasing globalisation and population growth. In turn, these all affect our food security. Learn how we are meeting these challenges within our Science Strategy.

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Latest Papers and Articles

Fesenko and R. Edwards, “Plant Synthetic Biology: a New Platform for Industrial Biotechnology”, Journal of Experimental Botany, 2014, v. 65(8), pp. 1927-37

Elena and her team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...


Chemical Regulation

Fera works closely with plant protection product manufacturers to help develop effective, sustainable and safe chemical products that minimise ecosystem impacts and pollution, while maximising the beneficial effects for crops, plants and animals.

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Food Safety

Food Safety

With a large range of testing abilities, our multi-disciplinary approach gives an overall view of any food issue you may be facing, providing you with the complete information you need to make the strong decisions needed to address these issues.

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Environmental Services

Environmental Science

Fera’s wide ranging collaborations, partnerships and scientific work enable us to provide robust evidence, advice and support to organisations, businesses and individuals whose activities have an impact on the environment.

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