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Chris is an expert in regulatory environmental risk assessment processes, registration requirements and guidance for pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and pesticides.


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Chris ensures delivery of the regulatory environmental risk assessment processes (quantifying risk for pesticides, veterinary medicines and feed additives) of environmental fate and behaviour of chemicals (e.g. movement of chemicals through soils to surface and ground waters) for our customers. He also leads on the ecotoxicology of chemicals (quantifying the impact chemicals have on terrestrial and aquatic organisms from earthworms and plants to fish and crustaceans). He is also our resident expert for in-silico effects and exposure methods (e.g. QSAR and read-across) within the risk assessment framework - methods to provide data on chemicals when experimentally determined data are unavailable.

Chris provides a technical lead and support to the chemical team here at Fera which comprises of over 40 environmental scientists, ecotoxicologists and chemists. Here at Fera, we focus on improving our understanding of the environmental fate and effects of anthropogenic chemicals (e.g. pesticides, veterinary and human medicines and industrial chemicals) working with both the regulators and commercial entities who wish to bring products to market or progress them through the required review process.

Chris contributes very actively to the scientific community by regularly presenting at international conferences, attending workshops publishing papers and reports and acting as reviewer for international peer-reviewed journals. He is also a chartered member of the Society of Biology and a member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Chris has a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of York, an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Nottingham and a BSc (Hons.) in Biological Sciences from the University of Birmingham.

More about In-Silico Predictive Toxicology

In Silico Predictive Toxicology (INSPECT) provides you with a reliable, rapid, ethical and cost-effective way to assess the safety of chemical products. Advanced computational (in silico) modelling means that we can now rapidly derive reliable (eco)toxicological assessments without the need for testing on animals.

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Latest Papers and Articles

Fussell, R.J., Garcia-Lopez, M., Mortimer, D.N., Wright, S., Sehnalova, M. Sinclair, C.J., Fernades, A. and Sharman, M. (2014) An investigation into the occurrence in food of veterinary medicines, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals used in personal care products, Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 62(17), 3651-3659.

Lambert, S., Sinclair, C.J., and Boxall, A.B.A. (2013) Environmental fate of processed natural rubber latex, Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts, 15(7), 1359-1368.

Chan, D., Fussell, R.J., Hetmanski, M.T., Sinclair, C.J., Kay, J., Grant, A., and Sharman, M. (2013) Investigation of the fate of trifluralin in shrimp, Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 61(10), 2371-2377.

Boxall, A.B.A., Fogg, L.A., Ashauer, R., Bowles, T., Sinclair, C.J., Colyer, A. and Brain, R. (2013) Effects of repeated pulsed herbicide exposure on the growth of aquatic macrophytes, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 32(1), 193-200.

Sinclair, C.J., Boxall, A.B.A., Parsons, S.A., Thomas, M. (2006) The prioritisation of pesticide environmental transformation products in drinking water supplies. Environmental Science and Technology, 40(23), 7283-7289.

Sinclair, C.J. and Boxall, A.B.A. (2003) Assessing the Ecotoxicity of Pesticide Transformation Products. Environmental Science and Technology, 37(20), 4617-4625.

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6th - 7th September 2017: Chemicals Industries Regulations (CIR)      

Chris and their team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...

Regulatory environmental risk assessment processes, registration requirements and guidance for pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines and pesticides.


Helping commercial companies to accurately assess the toxic impacts of plant-protection products and veterinary medicines on a range of ecosystems and species.

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Fera consultancy services support you through the regulatory processes required to register your chemical products and biocides in the EU.

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Environmental Fate

Regulations-compliant environmental fate studies provide essential data on the fate and behaviour of a range of chemicals in the environment including pesticides.

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