Carmel Ramwell

Carmel specialises in environmental and human exposure to chemicals in the wider environment, including urban and residential areas and leads our activities relating to the fate and behaviour of plant toxins in the environment.


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    Environmental and human health risk assessments
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Carmel is also proficient in investigating the impact that agri-environment schemes and other policy drivers have on soil/water quality and ecosystem services.

Carmel’s work for commercial customers commonly includes bespoke experimental studies (including GLP-compliant studies) to generate data for dossier submission where specific (e.g. OECD) guidelines are currently unavailable, e.g. for biocides. She has expertise in generating environmental and human exposure scenarios for risk assessments and her work has been used to update policy advice regarding the recycling of ready-to-use pesticide containers in household waste. Carmel is a member of the UK Hard Surfaces Steering Group and a specialism is the fate of chemicals on hard surfaces. Carmel is actively involved in research and is involved in 2 EU projects – Knowpec (Knowledge for Pesticides Control) and NaToxAq (Natural Toxins and Drinking water Quality – From Source to Tap).

More about regulatory risk assessment

Assessing the risks to human health or the environment of any chemical product is an essential part of the regulatory registration process. Preparing a detailed and thorough dossier of evidence and data is essential for a hassle-free product approval. We can help to ensure that you provide all the necessary evidence, compliance data and risk assessments to satisfy the requirements of the regulatory authority – whether for BPR or REACH registration.

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Latest Papers and Articles

Clauson-Kass F, Ramwell C, Hansen HC, Strobel BW (2016) Ptaquiloside from bracken in stream water at base flow and during storm events. Water Research, 106, 155-162 doi: 10.1016/j.watres.2016.09.049.

O’Driscoll, C, Ramwell CT, Harhen B, Morrison L, Clauson-Kaas F, Hansen HCB, Campbell G, Sheahan J, Misstear B, Xiao L (2016) Ptaquiloside in Irish bracken ferns and receiving waters, with implications for land managers. Molecules, 21 (5), 543; doi: 10.3390/molecules21050543

Ramwell CT, Kah M and Johnson P (2014) Contribution of household herbicide usage to glyphosate & its degradate, AMPA, in surface water drains. Pest Management Science 70, 12, 1823-1830

Ramwell CT and Boatman ND (2010) Assessing the impact of environmental stewardship on the protection of water resources. Aspects of Applied Biology 100, 175-180

Stoate, C, Baldi, A, Beja, P, Boatman, N. D.,Herzon, I., van Doorn, A., de Snoo, G. R., Rakosy, L., Ramwell, C. (2009) Ecological impacts of early 21st century agricultural change in Europe - A review. Journal of Environmental Management, 91,1, 22-46

Events past and future

14th - 17th May 2017: 6th Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop, May 14th – 17th 2017 San Jose, Costa Rica. Joint author – Pesticide prioritization approaches and limitations in environmental monitoring studies. Zisis Vryzas, Carmel Ramwell

6th - 17th February 2017: Use, Management and Regulation of Pesticides in Costa Rica: an Integral Perspective International Workshop 6th – 17th February 2017, San Jose, Costa Rica. Presented: 1) Pesticide risk assessment approaches in Europe, and 2) Risk management: A perspective in the UK.

 Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop Poster

Carmel and their team work with customers to deliver the following services within Fera...


Helping commercial companies to accurately assess the toxic impacts of plant-protection products and veterinary medicines on a range of ecosystems and species.

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Fera consultancy services support you through the regulatory processes required to register your chemical products and biocides in the EU.

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Environmental Fate

Regulations-compliant environmental fate studies provide essential data on the fate and behaviour of a range of chemicals in the environment including pesticides.

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