Scientist Profiles

Feras' science leaders comprises of renowned scientists who underpin our passion for ground breaking innovation and translational science, all supported with technical expertise to ensure best-in-class governance for the organisation.

Scientist Profiles

As an organisation our focus is translating research into evidence and science-based products and services. As we move forward, we will encourage an approach that is more entrepreneurial, internationally-focused and integrated into cross-cutting, interdisciplinary programmes that are underpinned by our strategic partnerships and driven by the needs of our customers.

Our Scientists
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We are experts in agri-food science, working across the entire food supply chain.

We are an internationally recognised authority on regulatory science & provider of scientific services, including proficiency testing, chemical regulation & consultancy.

We protect crops, food & the environment from emerging & established threats, including pests, pathogens & chemicals.

We are pioneers in applying diagnostics, measurement & analytical science.

We conduct research to drive the development of innovative products & scientific solutions.

We enhance our customers’ brands, minimise waste and improve their environmental sustainability.

Meet the Fera Scientists:

Crop Health Team

Adrian Fox Headshot
Adrian Fox

Plant Virology

Charles Lane Headshot
Charles Lane

Plant Health Mycology

Femke van den Berg Headshot
Femke van den Berg

Mathematical Modelling

Giles Budge Headshot
Giles Budge

Crop and Bee Health

John Elphinstone Headshot
John Elphinstone

Plant Bacteriology

Julian Smith Headshot
Julian Smith

International Development

Maureen Wakefield Headshot
Maureen Wakefield

Applied Entomology

Neil Audsley Headshot
Neil Audsley

Applied Entomology

Neil Boonham Headshot
Neil Boonham

Plant Virology and Molecular Diagnostics

Phil Jennings Headshot
Phil Jennings

Plant Pathology

Tom Prior Headshot
Tom Prior

Plant Nematology

Chemical Regulations Team

Ainsley Jones Headshot
Ainsley Jones

Chemical Regulation

Andrew Plum Headshot
Andrew Plumb

Analytical Chemistry

Carmel Ramwell Headshot
Carmel Ramwell

Environmental Science

Chris Sinclair Headshot
Chris Sinclair

Chemical Regulation

Gordon Turnbull Headshot
Gordon Turnbull

Analytical Chemistry

Libby Barnett Headshot
Libby Barnett

Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme

Nick Jarratt Headshot
Nick Jarratt

Environmental Fate and Ecotoxicology

Phil Rooney Headshot
Phil Rooney

Environmental Fate

Sarah Harkin Headshot
Sarah Harkin

Bee Ecotoxicology

Selwyn Wilkins Headshot
Selwyn Wilkins

Bee Ecotoxicology

Environmental Science Team

Andrew Crowe Headshot
Andrew Crowe

Senior Spatial Data Scientist

Eleanor Jones Headshot
Eleanor Jones

Molecular Ecology

Glyn Jones Headshot
Glyn Jones

Environmental Economics

Paul Brown Headshot
Paul Brown

Remote Sensing

Vahid Mojtahed Headshot
Vahid Mojtahed

Environmental Economics

Food Safety Team

Adrian Charlton Headshot
Adrian Charlton

Chemical and Biochemical Profiling

Emma Bradley Headshot
Ed Haynes

Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Emma Bradley Headshot
Emma Bradley

Food Safety

James Donarski Headshot
James Donarski

Food Authenticity

Malcolm Driffield Headshot
Malcolm Driffield

Food Contact Materials

Graham Bonwick Headshot
Graham Bonwick

Environmental Quality & Food Security

Paul Robb Headshot
Paul Robb

Contingency Response

Rosario Romero Headshot
Rosario Romero

Biochemistry and Proteomics

Stuart Adams Headshot
Stuart Adams

Analytical Chemistry

Susan MacDonald Headshot
Susan MacDonald

Mycotoxins and Natural Toxins

Science Strategy Team

Rick Mumford Headshot
Rick Mumford

Director of Science

Elena Fesenko Headshot
Elena Fesenko

Science Strategy