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PROteINSECT was a three year (2013-2016) project enabling the exploitation of insects as a sustainable source of protein for animal feed and human nutrition. 


European Commission (PROteINSECT Grant Agreement Number: 312084).

PROteINSECT brought together expertise from China, Africa and Europe to encourage and enable the adoption of fly larval protein in animal feed around the world. The PROteINSECT project consortium consisted of 12 partners from seven countries and was co-ordinated by Fera Science.

PROteINSECT research focused on five key areas in order to evaluate insects as a novel source of protein for animal feed and to ensure that methodologies are sustainable and economically viable:

  1. The development and optimization of fly larvae production methods for use in both developed and developing countries at small and large scale.
  2. Determination of safety and quality criteria for insect protein products.
  3. Evaluation of processing methodologies and the evaluation of crude and refined insect protein extracts in fish, chicken and pig feeding trials.
  4. The assessment of the optimal design of insect-based animal feed production systems utilising the results of a comprehensive life cycle analysis.
  5. Creation of a pro-insect platform in Europe to encourage discussion about, and ultimately adoption of, sustainable production technologies to include examination of the regulatory framework.

Addressing the need for feeds of the future today

The protein gap in Europe is a very real risk to social, economic and environmental progress. Already reliant on importing 70% of our protein for animal feed, Europe faces added competition for feed protein from a global population that is set to exceed nine billion by 2050 and a growing appetite for animal products from developing nations.

As we seek sustainable European long term solutions we must consider the benefits that the introduction of insects - specifically fly larvae - could have on the content of animal feed.

PROteINSECT believes these highly effective protein converters offer great potential for Europe to become global contributors to the provision of alternative and additional innovative protein sources.

  • Insect production – Biology & Behaviour
  • Quality and safety - Nutritional profile, Chemical and biological safety
  • Other high value products - Yellow Bio-technology

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