7th edition of the International Conference on Pesticide Behaviour in Soils, Water and Air - 30 August - 1 September 2017, York

The scientific programme will focus on the latest research into the environmental behaviour of pesticides. The programme is looking to take a holistic view of investigations at various scales, blending research into basic processes with study of routes of environmental exposure and the development of practical management strategies to reduce contamination. To register for a place register at this conference click here.

Overview of some of the themes for the conference

Interactions between pesticides and microorganisms

This session considers pesticide biodegradation processes, including interactions with environmental variables, the characteristics and dynamics of the organisms involved, and the molecular mechanisms underlying biodegradation.

Laboratory-scale investigations of fate in soil, water, and air

New work and results at the laboratory scale would be welcome including chemical, hydrolytic, volatility, and photochemical mechanisms in soil, water/sediments and air, diffusion, plant updatke, adsorption (including time dependency), bound residues and leaching processes

Landscape studies into pesticide fate and exposure

Despite increased integration of policies for improved environmental risk characterisation, there is clearly a need to strengthen the engagement between interdependent actors and stakeholders at the landscape level

Field-scale investigations of fate in soil, water, and air

This session will gather all relevant information investigating fate of pesticides (including interactions with surfactants and additives) in field soils and crops (together or as separate components) that governs the availability of pesticide and/or metabolite residues transfer to ground - and surface waters and into the air compartment

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