Chemicals Industries Regulations (CIR) 2017 - 6th-7th September 2017

Fera will be attending CIR in Nice, France in September 2017

Speak to our regulatory consultancy team where we offer a broad range of support, consultancy and problem solving capabilities which can be tailored to suit your needs ensuring your biocidal products get to market successfully. We can provide advice on specific issues, study design and monitoring or the preparation and submission of dossiers.

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We also attended the event back in 2016, see below:

Our Agrochemical experts were available to discuss all manner of agrochemical issues, as well as issues across the overall agri-food chain

Ainsley Jones, Fera spoke on 'Poisoning of bees by agrochemicals: evidence from monitoring in England and Wales' at the Nice Acropolis, Nice in September 2016.

Issues including bee poisoning investigations, the trends of bee poisoning cases, & how the ever changing regulatory landscape affects our efforts were discussed in detail, with key learnings explained and evaluated.

Our current bee testing capabilities are outlined here. And with over 25 years of experience running GLP complaint bee studies, we are a global leader in bee toxicity testing.

We are co-located with the National Bee Unit giving us unrivalled instant access to over 150 colonies of honey bees. Our bee Ecotoxicologists are at forefront of bee toxicity testing and active participants within many working groups including ICPPR