BFR 2017 (International Symposium on Flame Retardants) - 7th-10th May 2017, York

Come and join us for the 8th International Symposium on Flame Retardants: BFR 2017, Hosted by Fera Science Ltd, taking place from Sunday 7th to Wednesday 10th May 2017 in York, UK.

The 'International Symposium on Flame Retardants' is a series of conferences on safety aspects of flame retardants. It will bring together international experts from industry, governments and academia to exchange latest research results and to propose measures to reduce risk from the use of flame retardants. Scientific topics will include Heath effects, Epidemiology, Organophosphate flame retardants, Fire safety, Flame retardants in biota, Food, Flame retardants in abiotic environments, Analytical methods, Exposure, Policy and regulation. Proposals for other special topics are welcome up until December 2016.