Pest Packaging Analysis

Fera can help perform the tests you require to maintain the quality of your packaging, and ensure the risk of pest infestation within your foodstuffs is mitigated.

Pest Packaging Analysis

Inform your packaging decisions

We work with our partners to meet their bespoke requirements. Our test data provides the insight you need to inform your packaging decisions, including material choice and design.

We provide the means to demonstrate effective packaging solutions. This is important within todays challenging packaging environment, which is tasked with reducing waste and utilising both recyclable, and biodegradable sources.

Fera's pest team has a track record of success, collaborating with partners to provide effective packaging solutions, mitigating risks of infestation.

Fera offer key penetration tests, and take into account the nature of your product, the form of packaging, storage conditions and length of time in storage and the range of potential pests encountered when designing the perfect pest packaging penetration test.

Extensive Range of Pests

We have a wide range of common pests available, to accurately simulate real world conditions.

Our pest analysis experts work with you to meet your bespoke requirements.

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