Next Generation Diagnostics

Measurement is at the heart of what we do. To help the agri-food industry tackle emerging and future challenges, we continue to pioneer new diagnostic and analytical technologies, allowing us to identify emerging threats and detect them earlier.

Next Generation Diagnostics

We also use these approaches to develop innovative solutions and novel applications

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What we do:

Omic technology systems

We establish omic technology-based systems that allow the routine identification of biomarkers and the development of high-throughput diagnostics.

Remote field-deployment

We accelerate the development of rapid, non-lab based testing technologies to enable remote deployment in the field.

Effective diagnostics

Work to develop generic, integrated diagnostic platforms, including risk-based sampling, quality assurance and proficiency testing to allow faster, more effective deployment and to ensure ongoing sustainability.

Centre of Excellence

We work as a centre of diagnostic excellence and innovation in agri-food to accelerate the development of emerging technologies into real-world applications.

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