Food Integrity

With increasing globalisation, our food supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, making them vulnerable to contamination or fraud.

Food Integrity

Our work helps to give consumers confidence in the food they eat and give the food industry protection for their brands and reputations. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach that integrates food safety, quality and authenticity. For more information on any of our food integrity services, please get in touch.

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What we do:

Smart surveillance

Globalised food supply chains are giving consumers access to a greater variety of foods, at relatively low prices. But the increased complexity and interconnected nature of supply chains has also increased potential for health risks and opportunities for food fraud. Economically motivated food fraud is now a major concern for both the food industry and regulators across the globe – and traditional food safety approaches may not be the most effective option for detecting or deterring food fraud. That’s why Fera’s food safety specialists are continually investigating new ways to beat the criminals and to provide early warnings of emerging risks. Much of this innovative work is based on non-targeted chemical and biochemical profiling of components in food samples. We use advanced techniques such as NMR spectroscopy, high-resolution Mass Spectrometry and Next Generation Sequencing coupled with advanced ‘big data’ analysis. Working in partnership, we can alert you to developing issues – giving you a chance to introduce mitigation procedures before a crisis develops.

National Reference Laboratory

The European Commission has created a network of National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) coordinated by the European Union Reference Laboratories (EU-RLs). This network of laboratories is responsible for setting up EU-wide standards for routine procedures and reliable testing methods in the areas of feed and food and animal health. As National Reference Laboratory, we provide world-leading food analytical science, proficiency testing and reference materials.


Comprising of 60 participants from 18 European countries and one from China, FoodIntegrity's key focus is be to consolidate, harmonise and mobilise the European capability on food authentication to ensure consumer confidence and protect European added value. The 5 year (2014-2018) €12M project will reduce the current barriers to data sharing and utilisation that is crucial to combating food fraud by supplying methods and tools that will address both enforcement and industry needs. The project will not only seek to enhance early warning capabilities, but working with industry, will develop methods, systems and processes that will assure the quality, authenticity and safety of the food chain.

Collaboration with partners

In collaboration with the public and private research community and governments we turn scientific excellence within the food sector into economic impact and deliver results through innovation.


HorizonScan is a database of global raw material and commodity issues covering all areas of food integrity. HorizonScan monitors commodity safety and integrity issues worldwide, collecting data daily from more than 100 food safety agencies and other reliable sources, delivering timely alerts on emerging food safety issues.

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