Crop Health

Around the world, plant pests and diseases have a huge impact on both global food security and our natural environment.

Crop Health

To help farmers, growers and the agricultural industry meet this challenge we need improved plant biosecurity to control new threats and better crop protection to manage existing ones. To be effective, we need innovative, integrated approaches, which must also be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

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What we do:

Sustainable pest control solutions

Develop new sustainable pest and disease management solutions, particularly biopesticides, to mitigate emerging risks – including pesticide resistance and invasive pests.

Develop tools

Develop tools for understanding the behaviour and interaction of pathogens, microbes and chemicals in soil to improve soil health management.

SMART Decision Support Unit - Real-time data empowering farmers to make accurate crop-treatment decisions – reducing waste and costs while improving yield and margin. The SMART Decision Support Unit provides farmers, growers and agronomists with the real-time data they need to:

• Optimise pesticide use.

• Improve crop yield and quality.

• Reduce costs and waste.

• Increase margins.

A network of monitoring stations, data collection technology and predictive modelling tools will provide in-season information on pests, diseases, weeds and weather. Delivered via CropMonitorTM, this accurate data resource will enable growers to make informed decisions about pesticide application in order to judge risks posed by pest and diseases more accurately. Enabling growers to time pesticide applications more effectively, select effective products based on local pest and disease risks and resistance status and respond to emerging threats to protect yield.  

International collaboration

Work with international partners to extend the reach of our crop health expertise for the benefit of emerging economies.

Bee health reference laboratory

Fera leads the way in pollinator safety research, testing and analysis. We offer a host of services to support the objectives of bee keepers, farmers, chemical producers, retailers and consumers.

  • More than 25 years’ experience of running bee safety studies.
  • Global leader in bee toxicity testing.
  • Co-located with the National Bee Unit, providing access to more than 150 colonies of honey bees.

Our role is to bring all participants in the food production supply chain together, sharing information and research, providing valuable testing services and creating opportunities for collaboration.

Interdisciplinary approaches

Adopt interdisciplinary approaches and data integration to develop effective risk-management and decision-support systems.

Download our information sheet on measuring the impact of agriculture on pollinator health:

Read more: download information sheet

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