Vitismart - EU Project

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Vitismart - EU Project

From Vine to Glass

The history of the wine trade is filled with stories of wine that has been manipulated, adulterated (substances not related to grapes being added) and even counterfeited. Data published jointly by Vinexpo and IWSR shows that Australia exports the most still wine to the UK, by volume. In 2016, the UK imported 24.5 million nine litre cases of Australian wines, equivalent to nearly 300 million bottles of wine. This was followed by the US, which accounted for 15.7 million nine litre cases of wine imported, closely followed by France at 15 million cases. Italy exports 14.7 million nine litre cases of still wine to the UK., which is the world’s second largest importer of wine behind Germany. The next biggest sources of still wines in the UK are Spain, Chile and South Africa. Wine is big business.

Grapevines are tough plants that thrive, having that said, there are several pest, cultural and grapevine diseases that can minimize the vigor of these plants. Rarely do grapevine pests or disease kill a vine, but with the past 100 years seeing average global temperatures rising by approximately by 0.8 °C, and average global temperatures projected to rise by 3-5 °C by 2100. A changing climate leads to can result in unprecedented extreme weather and climate events. It is projected that this may well represent the most substantial impact of climate change on plant productivity.

Vitismart ebook

Download the Vitismart ebook - VitiSmart was a 3 years project with interdisciplinary research activities, structured with a well-balanced strategy between research and innovation, basic and applied research, field data collection and demonstration, socioeconomic, technology transfer and dissemination. Please complete the contact form below to receive your free copy of 'Vitismart' ebook. It will contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals by integrating economic, social and environmental dimensions and addressing mutually food security and climate challenges.

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"Fera Are Applying Original Thinking to Optimise Fungicide Applications with On-Site Spore Detection and Molecular Testing"

The Fera Team

Fera Science has launched the world’s most thorough wine proficiency testing scheme

Fera Science has launched the world’s most thorough wine proficiency testing scheme, meeting industry demands for a solution that will help ensure consistency of wine production year-on-year. Proficiency testing provider Fapas, part of Fera Science, has established the New Wine Proficiency Testing Programme in partnership with Italian wine laboratory Isvea srl and Fera’s agent in Italy, StarEcotronics. The scheme will test for over 60 analytes (quality indicators and contaminants), enabling winery laboratories to analyse their clients’ products more thoroughly and have greater confidence in their measurements.

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