Food Integrity 2017

Comprising of 60 participants from 18 European countries and one from China, Food Integrity's key focus is be to consolidate, harmonise and mobilise the European capability on food authentication to ensure consumer confidence.

Food Integrity 2017

Food Integrity is a large pan-European research and networking activity sponsored primarily by the European Commission through its Seventh Framework Programme. The €12M (€9M EU) interdisciplinary project aims to develop improved networks, systems and tools for assuring the integrity of the food supply. Comprising 60 participants from Europe, Asia and South America, the project that started in 2014 is currently 2/3 through its 5 year programme. 

Key Outputs to date:

The development of a European Network of >230 members from 43 countries.

The production of an interactive Knowledge Base that end users can interrogate to identify food authenticity issues mapped against the methods and databases that can be used to detect them.

An extensive analysis of the current gaps in the current state of the art for detecting and preventing food fraud.

An inventory of the key issues, methods and standards concerned with the authentication of olive oil and spirits.

Case studies of potential implementation of testing methods in the food industry. 

A study looking at Chinese consumer attitudes to European food products.

A “Citizen Science” study looking at fish mislabeling in the restaurant sector.

Turning science into solutions

Just some of the deliverables for the remaining 20 months of the project will be:

Smart surveillance 

A protocol on validating non targeted methods of analysis.

Methods for analyzing complex foods.

Food authentication using mobile phone technology.

Feasibility studies on transparency along the food chain.

Implementation of rapid methodology in the pork sector.

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