• CropMonitorTM is an interactive website that provides real-time data about crop pest and disease prevalence in the UK to farmers and growers.
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Annual Crop Pest and Disease surveys

The Defra Crop Pest and Disease surveys project is now led by ADAS and all available information regarding the project can be found on the dedicated surveys website at


CropMonitor Pro was a four-year project funded through the CHAP Agritech centre to develop the original CropMonitorTM platform, which delivered regional disease risk prediction for wheat grown in England and Wales, into an integrated disease forecasting and decision support system support decisions at the field level. The Cropmonitor Pro project delivered a fully functional and validated system encompassing decisions for wheat, oilseed rape and potatoes, but funding for the project is now at an end and CHAP has decided not to pursue the project under the original business model.

The CropMonitorTM website has been retained but is currently off-line whilst we make some long-term changes. The AHDB onion downy mildew forecast system and the PGRO field bean downy mildew forecast, which were reliant on CropMonitor Pro, are also currently unavailable. We will be in touch with all users of the platform once we have timelines for any future services.

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