• CropMonitorTM is an interactive website and app that provides real-time data about crop pest and disease prevalence in the UK to farmers and growers.
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CropMonitorTM gives you the up-to-date information you need to make well-informed crop-treatment decisions. To identify risks to your crops, you need to understand the current geographic distribution of pathogens and pests, and to understand how they spread. Fera is in a unique position to collate and interpret this data, which we collect from a network of live monitoring sites across the UK. All the latest data is disseminated online via CropMonitorTM, giving you access to a range of risk tools, alerts and reports on any internet-connected device.

This essential data empowers you to make accurate decisions about when and where to use crop treatments, avoiding overuse and ensuring the treatment is appropriate to the current risk levels.

Fera and CHAP are pleased to announce that CropMonitor will be launching a new pest and disease risk forecasting service for potatoes in May. We are looking for volunteers to be part of a network of surveillance to report appearance of first symptoms in crops. Data will be collected from registered users via a mobile phone during the decision period for potato blight disease management. All data will be plotted in real-time on a map of the UK.

This new service is part of Fera’s CropMonitor platform with direct support from CHAP, is currently being extended and updated to form the core platform for a new national capability in decision support. The new service will deliver risk forecasts for pests and diseases of potato (launched in May), wheat, barley, oilseed rape using a bespoke weather monitoring network, national pest and disease surveillance data and advanced risk models.

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This new service will be available alongside the Fight Against Blight project (FAB, funded by AHDB Potatoes and managed by Fera). The additional activity is necessary because FAB does not currently collect negative findings, information which is critical to the validation of the SMART blight forecasting service, . The CHAP network will complement and extend the FAB network during 2018 with potential for a closer integration of the two initiatives in future years. CropMonitor will initially provide a forecast based on an existing blight risk model but the forecasting capability will be refined using the improved weather feed and disease modelling capability of the SMART platform.

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  • Real-time crop pest and disease information at your fingertips
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CropMonitorTM capabilities:

CropMonitorTM has recently been expanded to deliver enhanced pest and disease information and services to growers. You can choose from a tiered subscription service according to the breadth of forecasts you require.

The enhanced capabilities include:

Extended network of 30 sites to monitor untreated varieties of wheat, oilseed rape and barley.

Sampling of 300 commercially managed wheat and 100 oilseed rape crops to monitor fungicide and insecticide resistance.

A met station plus insect and spore traps at each site to gather data for new risk-forecasting models.

Monitoring of pests and diseases in potato crops.

Automated spore traps for pathogen detection.

Weather data and forecasting provided by the Met Office.

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