• CropMonitorTM is an interactive website that provides real-time data about crop pest and disease prevalence in the UK to farmers and growers.
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The CropMonitor™ information Service, first launched by Fera in 2003, has been extended and updated through investment from Innovate UK to form the core platform for a new national capability in decision support (CropMonitor Pro) which is a part of the Crop Health and Protection Centre (CHAP). The new SMART Decision Support service will deliver local growth stage, pest & disease risk and spray window forecasts using a bespoke weather monitoring network, national pest and disease surveillance data and advanced risk models. Services will incorporate novel weather data feeds delivered through collaboration with UKMO and will use the latest diagnostic technologies to assist in delivery of robust guidance to support decisions for sustainable pest and disease management.

Users can register free to access regional risk forecasts for all pests and diseases currently available via the platform. Users will also be able to access a single demonstration location to view the breadth of local forecast information which is available via the new CropMonitor Pro platform.

Risk forecasting and decision support at the local (field) scale from CropMonitor Pro is now available as a subscription service. A Pro subscription includes forecasts for all pests and diseases which are important in terms of spray decisions from crop emergence onwards for wheat; oilseed rape and potato.

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