Fera regularly share news and insight around a range of subjects across the agri-food chain.

The Challenge of Certifying Cassava Breeders' Seed
Under BASICS , the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) has successfully undertaken the first Breeders’ Seed assessment of Cassava Mosaic Disease (CMD) virus presence and prevalence, collecting leaf samples from the field and undertaking the laboratory analysis at the NASC Molecular Seed Testing Laboratory; thus paving the way for the adoption of the first Breeders Seed Standard for Cassava in Nigeria. Read more
Official Launch to open Europe’s Largest Mesocosm
Kevin Hollinrake, member of parliament for Thirsk and Malton has officially launched the first fully flow-through, edge of field waterbody safety assessment facility in Europe at an exclusive event in York. The E-Flows mesocosm, a ground breaking project designed and developed by Translational science and research organisation Fera Science Ltd in partnership with CHAP (Centre for Crop Health and Protection) and supported by Innovate UK, will be managed and operated by Fera for use by the chemical industry and researchers, supporting the race to support the protection of natural capital and our environment. Read more
New standards for testing infant formula
Amongst the most heavily regulated and tested food products in the world, infant formula, and formulas for special medical purposes, come with rigorously checked nutritional labelling to ensure they are what they say they are. Read more
Fera Science Ltd to present at The York Apprenticeship Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2018
Fera Science is proof that apprenticeships harness new talent that bring innovative ideas, enabling us to continue to deliver our world-class science, whilst also developing the next generation of scientists. Read more
Illegal Levels of Arsenic found in Baby Foods
In January 2016, the EU imposed a maximum limit of inorganic arsenic on manufacturers in a bid to mitigate associated health risks. Researchers* have found that little has changed since this law was passed and that 50 per cent of baby rice food products still contain an illegal level of inorganic arsenic. Read more
Plant Health Recruitment
With the EU exit fast approaching Fera Science has been approached by the UK Government to provide additional plant diagnostics in preparation for the changing landscape, supporting them to continue to keep our borders free of disease and pests. We are therefore looking to recruit up to 11 diagnosticians. Read more
Fera Science Partners with SelectScience on The Scientists’ Channel – a New Video Platform Showcasing Scientists to Communicate Innovation
The Scientists’ Channel places scientists and their work first, providing a complete video platform for scientists to present their work, share innovations and expertise, and publicize their organization. Read more
Towards a Circular Economy - Evolution Not Revolution
The fourth bi-annual FuturePack meeting took place at Fera on Thursday 4th October. Leading representatives from industry, academia and government gathered to hear about recent technological developments and discuss strategies to improve the sustainability of packaging and achievement of a circular economy. Read more
Official opening of the national agricultural seeds council molecular seed testing laboratory, 4th October, Sheda, Nigeria
For the past 2 years Fera has been working with NASC to co-design and make operational the first molecular seed diagnostics testing laboratory for Nigeria, ensuring that NASC can provide a better seed certification service to the seed industry. Read more
Introducing the new Fapas 2019-20 Proficiency Testing Schemes featuring New Microbiology, Dioxins & Tropane Alkaloids Tests to meet the needs of Industry
Introducing the new Fapas 2019-20 Proficiency Testing Schemes featuring New Microbiology, Dioxins & Tropane Alkaloids Tests to meet the needs of Industry. Read more

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