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Nematode pests of soft fruit crops
There has been an increase in the number of samples of soft fruits submitted to the Fera Plant Clinic, for analysis of plant pests and diseases. Read more
Asian Hornet sightings

September 24, 2018

Asian Hornet sightings
Most of the reports we receive are of native species and there have been very few confirmed occurrences of Asian hornet in GB to date - for the latest information on the status of Asian hornet in GB see here. However, reporting sightings as you have done is hugely appreciated and important in assisting with surveillance of non-native species. Read more
Detecting 'added' phosphates in prawns, white fish and chicken
Detecting 'added' phosphates in prawns, white fish and chicken Read more
CIR 2018 presentations now available for download
Receive your copy of Dr Rachel Benstead and Dr Andrew McEwen's CIR 2018 presentations. Read more
Combatting Crop Storage Damage
Fera’s Plant Clinic offers a range of specific tests targeting potato storage issues. We offer Rapid Direct Tuber testing which includes testing for Potato virus Y (PVY) as standard. Spraing tests for Potato Mop Top and Tobacco Rattle Virus using symptomatic tuber and soil bait testing methods are also available. Read more
The Big Soil Community

August 30, 2018

The Big Soil Community
Soil health has become widely recognised as an underpinning characteristic of sustainable agriculture. However, the biological component of soil remains poorly understood in an applied context and the complexity makes it too big of a challenge for one organisation or farm to address. Read more
Fera provides scientific expertise alongside 16 European organisations on the Valitest project to support plant health
Fera, as part of a multi-disciplinary consortium of 16 European organisations are partnering on the Valitest project, providing scientific expertise to support plant health and tackle global food security. Read more
Fera is Awarded Cyber Essentials Certification
Fera Science has been awarded CE Scheme certification against cyber-attack helping us guard you against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate our commitment to cyber security. Read more
Risks to winter oilseed rape
Act now to mitigate risks to your oilseed rape. Each year up to 76% of the oilseed rape crop is affected by cabbage stem flea beetle damage (CSFB). Growers also need to be monitoring crops for Turnip yellows virus (TuYV) as there is some evidence of populations emerging and therefore now a major threat to WOSR yields. Read more

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