Fera regularly share news and insight around a range of subjects across the agri-food chain.

R&D Tax Credits and Grants
The key to using innovation grants and research and development (R&D) tax credits together is careful planning. They are not mutually exclusive but their relationship can be complicated. So, getting an expert on your side is the best way to optimise your future position. Read more
Meet the Fera team - Karen Thorpe
Fera Science Ltd are proud to announce the appointment of Karen Thorpe in our new role of Aquatic Ecotoxicologist. Read more
Fera and APHA weclome The Ministry of Municipality & Environmental from Qatar
The Ministry of Municipality & Environmental (MME) has recently created a Food Security Department with the aim to enhance food security in Qatar, by focusing on increasing fresh local food production in vegetables, fish, milk and meat. Read more
The outbreak of Ash dieback is predicted to cost £15 billion in Britain
A research paper has been published which estimates that ash dieback is set to cost the UK £15 billion and is expected to kill 95-99% of ash trees in Britain. Read more
‘No Deal’ Brexit Guidelines Produced by Defra
The government must plan for every possible outcome when the UK leaves the EU, including a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Defra continue to produce guidelines to ensure that businesses are aware of the forthcoming changes and what actions they may need to take. Read more
Meet the Fera team - Steven Mattock
Since joining Fera Science Ltd in 2018 in the new role, Head of Ecotoxicology Steven Mattock has been working on the build of our new Aquatic Facility. Read more
The Euromix Project
The EuroMix project will deliver a mixture test strategy and test instruments using novel techniques as recently proposed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. Read more
Beet Cyst Nematode
Beet Cyst Nematode (BCN; Heterodera schachtii) is an economically important parasite of sugar beet which can be found in all major production areas of the world, favouring temperate regions but tolerating a broad range of climates. Read more
Fapas refine their leading wine proficiency testing programme to reflect market demands
With a full year of testing in the bag and significant customer feedback, Fapas have now refined their programme of wine proficiency tests to give customers’ a wider choice of different analytes to suit their requirements. Read more
Emerging threat from new tomato virus
Emerging threat from new tomato virus - UK growers are being urged to look out for symptoms of a potential new virus that could be devastating to UK crops of tomato and peppers. Read more

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