The importance of access to the right data


The importance of access to the right data

The importance of access to the right data


Owning access to the right data is more than a nice thing to have; it is crucial to avoid being the victim of food fraud.

The Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the war in Ukraine have had an impact on the food supply chain, and, as a result, food manufacturers are having to change suppliers with very limited time to be able to meet consumer demands. With the growing concerns that food fraud opportunists may strike, the industry is facing one of those moments where knowledge is the key.

As a HorizonScan user, you will be aware of the latest alerts and recalls issued around the world. You will have access to food integrity reports linked to more than 22 000 companies. But, ultimately, HorizonScan will give you the ability to investigate the most recent issues that your potential new supplier might be having before they become your own problems.   

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