Fera regularly share news and insight around a range of subjects across the agri-food chain.

    Transforming the Yorkshire Bioeconomy
    The Great British Brain Drain was a major reason for the creation of the economic north-south divide, which found many university cities losing their graduates to London, especially high achievers. Read more
    Did we see you at Fruit Focus 2019?
    Throughout the event the Fera team were inundated with growers wanting to know how we can help them keep one step ahead by identifying pests and diseases enabling action to be taken which will minimise yield loss, maximise margins and improve quality, and all of this sustainably. Read more
    The UK’s Love of Wine Becomes Homegrown – Fera Makes it More Sustainable
    The UK’s love of wine is having a beneficial effect on imports and exports with the total value of wine exported from the UK totalling £574 million in 2017. This sector is currently the fastest growing UK export, having risen by 17% in value and 23% in volume since 2016. Read more
    Creating a sustainable future - Advances in Environmental Risk Assessments
    Creating a sustainable future - Fera Science is hosting an inaugural event on chemical safety. Plant protection products (PPPs) used in agriculture have doubled in numbers since the 1980s. Without them, the food safety of billions of people would be threatened. But the PPP chemical industry continues to face ongoing debate to ensure that these products raise the quality and yield crops with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We’re ready to talk Read more
    Fera Scientists appointed to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) Scientific Advisory Committees
    The Scientific Advisory Committees advise on the development of policy issues that have major implications for public health and ensure that policy decisions are based on the most up-to-date science and evidence. The committees consist of a multidisciplinary team of distinguished experts with outstanding international reputations to ensure that the right science is being used, from the right sources, and that every scientific dimension is being looked at. Read more

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