Fera regularly share news and insight around a range of subjects across the agri-food chain.

    Saving Europe’s fruit crops from invasive pests and disease
    Globalisation of trade and climate change has facilitated the spread and establishment of non-native species across Europe, posing major challenges to plant health. The EU-funded Dropsa project is working with 26 partners in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and North America to find safe and sustainable ways to protect Europe’s fruit industry from pests and diseases. Read more
    £1.6M New investment for region’s agri-food sector
    The £1.6m investment from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme is to stimulate economic growth in agri-food sector Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in two Yorkshire LEP areas. The project will enable businesses to engage with applied science research, innovation expertise and facilities based around Fera Science Ltd, the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus and Science City York, part of Make It York. Read more
    Fera adapt their accredited LC-MS/MS technique to detect for Fipronil in eggs.
    With the scandal over residues of the pesticide Fipronil in eggs in Europe growing and any retailers pulling eggs from stores to protect their customers, Fera has responded swiftly by adapting their accredited LCMS technique, typically used for the analysis of fruit, vegetable and cereals to test for Fipronil in eggs Read more
    Emerging Analysis of Polar Pesticides and Contaminants in Cereals, Grapes and Baby Food
    Our vision is to support our partners to respond to the challenges ahead like population growth, environmental change, food security and safety across the agri-food sector. Through world class innovation and original thinking in science we are constantly challenging if there is a better way to do things. Read more
    Scientific Breakthrough Identifies Genuine Mānuka Honey
    The Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA), the independent industry body for Mānuka honey, today announced that it has validated a number of unique signature compounds found only in genuine Mānuka honey. These findings are the result of over five years of scientific research with UK-based Fera Science and other international research contributors. Read more
    Allergens on the rise: Fera launches new reference materials to support industry
    Fapas, the proficiency testing arm of Fera Science Ltd, has launched a new range of allergen reference materials. The new materials will enable laboratories around the world to comprehensively evaluate and compare their methods and capabilities when testing food samples for allergens. Read more
    Paul Brereton: Turning data into decisions in the agri-food industry.
    Paul Brereton looks to share his knowledge on turning data into decisions in the agri-food industry. Read more
    Consider Nematode Testing in Rotational Decisions
    A seven-fold increase in soil samples testing positive for root-knot nematodes in cereals indicates that the pest may be more prevalent in the crop than previously thought, according to a leading expert at Fera. Read more
    Insects no more risky than other proteins as animal feed
    ‘70% of consumers in the ProteInsect second survey said it was acceptable to feed insect protein to farmed animals’ - That’s the preliminary conclusion of PROteINSECT, three-year study of whether feed based on fly larvae could help mitigate environmental problems caused by the rapidly growing global demand for meat and fish. Read more
    The Largest in the UK ‘Mass Spec’ suite uses  Ground Breaking ‘Fingerprint’ Technique
    Fera became the first company in the UK to bring the ‘fingerprinting’ or full chemical profile technique to the food sampling arena, really challenging some of the issues being currently faced by the industry with regards to food fraud and authenticity. Read more

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