Meet the Fera team - Karen Thorpe


Meet the Fera team - Karen Thorpe

Fera Science Ltd are proud to announce the appointment of Karen Thorpe in our new role of Aquatic Ecotoxicologist.

Karen brings a wealth of experience in the Aquatic Ecotoxicology sector and expertise in using model fish species to study the influence of chemicals on fish physiology and reproduction. We are delighted to welcome someone with such great experience to provide further support and develop for our new Aquatic Facility.

Karen was excited by the opportunity to help establish the new Aquatic Facility, and to expand the current profile of the Ecotoxicology team to include tests for endocrine disrupting studies.

Her key responsibilities include directing aquatic studies within the Chemical Regulatory division and helping to develop new services for higher tier testing for endocrine disruptors.

Karen has joined us following an established career in the Ecotoxicology sector. Following completion of her doctoral studies on the effects of oestrogenic mixtures on fish physiology, Karen gained further expertise in the effects of a range of chemical and physical stressors on the fish endocrine and immune system through her Postdoctoral Research at the Universities of Exeter, Basel and Prince Edward Island. Since 2011 Karen has been working as a Senior Lecturer in Ecotoxicology at the Universities of Portsmouth and York. The skill sets and knowledge that Karen has developed over this time will expand the technical expertise of the Ecotoxicology team within the Chemical Regulatory division at Fera.

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