Meet the experts in Plant Metabolism


Meet the experts in Plant Metabolism

Leading translational science and research organisation, Fera Science Ltd, has released a new infographic detailing its plant metabolism study capabilities. The infographic, which provides information on the types of studies and the organisation’s experience in the sector, is available to download from the Fera Science website.

Plant metabolism studies are carried out in order to establish the type of residues and the metabolic pathway of the test substance in plants and animals. Specialising in plant breeders, agrochemical and biopesticide manufacturing industries, Fera Science is able to perform Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant plant metabolism studies from its state-of-the-art facilities in Yorkshire.

“The metabolism services that Fera provides offers essential support to plant protection product (PPP) manufacturers working towards regulatory approval,” said Chris Sinclair, head of Environmental Fate and Metabolism at Fera Science. “Our team of experts understand how chemical products impact the natural environment, meaning that we can support manufacturers with the data they need for environmental risk assessments to produce safe chemical products.

“The new infographic gives a snapshot of just some of our plant metabolism capabilities, whether in outside field plots in completely natural conditions, or large scale plant growth rooms, which enable temperature, light and humidity to be closely monitored and altered to the specific test requirements,” Sinclair added.

“We appreciate how complex regulatory approvals for PPPs can be, and it can be a dauting task particularly for some small scale developers,” explained Sinclair. “That’s why we have a team of over 40 environmental scientists, ecotoxicologists and chemists that focus on improving the understanding of the effects of anthropogenic chemicals on our environment.

“This means that we have teams of scientists on hand that can support with dedicated studies for specific plants and crops including cotton, wheat and potatoes, to name just a few. Our service offering means that PPP manufacturers can rely on us to provide the testing and analysis support they need in order to achieve the relevant approval,” Sinclair said.

As more parent-associated metabolite fate studies become necessary, Fera Science is able to offer the entire spectrum of laboratory and higher-tier environmental studies, with an improved capacity of 300 per cent. Available plant metabolism studies include primary crop metabolism (OECD 501), metabolism in rotational crops (OECD 502) and residues in rotational crops (OECD 504).

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