Fera Scientists appointed to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) Scientific Advisory Committees


Fera Scientists appointed to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) Scientific Advisory Committees

The Scientific Advisory Committees advise on the development of policy issues that have major implications for public health and ensure that policy decisions are based on the most up-to-date science and evidence. The committees consist of a multidisciplinary team of distinguished experts with outstanding international reputations to ensure that the right science is being used, from the right sources, and that every scientific dimension is being looked at. As the world moves into a period of significant change, the public can be confident in any decisions made and advice issued by the FSA comes from a solid science and evidence base.

The Chair of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Heather Hancock has announced the appointment of 35 independent members to the FSA’s Scientific Advisory Committees and including within this are a number of leading scientists from Fera Science.

Maureen is a research entomologist, with over 33 years’ experience, whose current research interests focus around integrated pest management of agriculturally important invertebrate pests and invasive species and the potential use of insects as a novel source of protein for animal feed and other high value materials.

Emma is an analytical chemist by training and currently leads a team of 120 scientists working on food integrity and safety. She has more than 18 years of experience in the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and specifically chemical migration from food contact materials and articles.

Susan is Science Lead for the areas of mycotoxins and natural toxins. In addition she is Head of the UK National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Mycotoxins (& oversees the NRLs for a range of other Contaminants).

Joint Expert Committees

The FSA has also created Joint Expert Groups (JEGs), that will be made up of members of COT, ACMSF and ACAF. They will be responsible for doing specialised risk assessments for regulated products, as well as overseeing and providing assurance for the risk assessment process after the UK leaves the European Union. For further information please visit https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts/news/new-members-appointed-to-expanded-scientific-advisory-committees


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