The New Fapas 2020 Programme is here


The New Fapas 2020 Programme is here

Introducing the new Fapas® 2020-21 Proficiency Testing Programmes

The new Fapas® 2020-21 Proficiency Testing Programmes feature 20 New tests including an expanded range of B vitamins in baby foods, metals analysis in soy lecithin, allergens (sesame and gluten) in cumin, and the enumeration of aerobic plate count (APC) and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) in fruit juice.

Fapas® is a global leader in Proficiency Testing (PT) and in 2020 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary of providing our programme to food laboratories all over the globe. We are delighted to announce that our new Fapas 2020-21 programmes are available for order online via Tests are available to order in the remainder of our 2019 programmes, all through 2020 and up until the end of March 2021. You can also order quality control and reference materials as they are released subject to availability.

Decisions about the release of product to market and import/export clearance often depend upon the results provided by analytical laboratories. These results have to be accurate and reliable in order that the decision-making process can be made with confidence that non-conforming product will be rejected, and conforming product will be accepted. Laboratories face demands to demonstrate they have effective quality control procedures and tools to ensure their results are as reliable as possible. Tools such as proficiency testing (PT) and reference materials (RM) obtained from an external, independent, reputable source are key means of ensuring the quality and reliability of the analytical data.

Fapas® is the first supplier of choice for many accredited laboratories (or those seeking accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025). Recognised for producing high-quality tests, supported by excellent customer service and increasingly rapid results reporting, Fapas® provides comprehensive cover for your analytical chemistry and microbiology testing needs in probably the widest range of matrices currently available to food laboratories.

The challenges for the food industry seem to grow and become more complex year-on-year, with the age-old problem of adulteration of foods for fraudulent purposes (such as adding cheap oils to extra virgin olive oil, or corn syrup to honey etc.); increased outbreaks of food poisoning; to awareness of new potential risks from established food processes (acrylamide in fried/baked foods). Whatever the challenges the industry faces, Fapas® aims to be your partner to ensure your analytical testing is up to the job.

Highlights in the new programme:

We continue to expand the range of analytes available in our test materials to simulate as far as possible a real-world challenge. We have expanded the range of B vitamins that can be analysed in powdered baby food and will be offering a multiple test material for aerobic plate count (APC) Enterobacteriaceae, Coliforms, and E.coliin milk powder. Combining several analytes into one multi-analyte PT material saves time for the laboratory as well as providing improved cost effectiveness.

  • Testosterone/Oestradiol in bovine serum
  • Aflatoxins in sesame paste and peanut butter
  • Metals in oat flour, dried seaweed, mushroom powder, mussels and soy lecithin
  • Dithiocarbamates in fruit (pear)
  • Proximates in infant formula
  • Allergens (sesame, gluten) in cumin
  • Increased range of matrix-matched blank matrices
  • APC and lactic acid bacteria in fruit juice, mould in fruit juice
  • E.coli O157:H7 detection from a sponge swab
    • Sarah Hasnip, Head of Fapas at Fera, said:

      “We continue to pay attention to the valuable feedback provide by our customers and industry experts. In particular customers have highlighted the importance of receiving reports in a timely manner, and we have put significant effort into improving our report turnaround times this year. This has resulted in our average reporting time for routine reports coming down to 7 working days and improving. Proficiency testing is a vital tool in ensuring the reliability and quality of analytical results, giving you the confidence to make important decisions, knowing the analytical data has been independently assessed. Our UKAS accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043 (certificate number 0009) and Fapas’ 30-year history as a PT provider, confirms you are working with a global leader in food quality assurance.”

      easy re-ordering

      Easy Re-ordering

      Don’t forget that we have made placing your 2020/21 order as simple and quick as possible with our easy re-ordering. Log into your account and you can easily and speedily recreate your orders and our system with try to match and rounds that have moved and suggest equivalent samples if some are not available


      Proficiency Testing

      Proficiency testing is an essential part of laboratory quality assurance and regular participation is a requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Fapas® proficiency testing provides an independent assessment of your laboratory performance and compares your results to laboratories worldwide..



      Our webcasts take you through how to submit your results to Fapas® for the interlaboratory comparisons you have participated in.


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