Did we see you at Fruit Focus 2019?


Did we see you at Fruit Focus 2019?

Throughout the event the Fera team were inundated with growers wanting to know how we can help them keep one step ahead by identifying pests and diseases enabling action to be taken which will minimise yield loss, maximise margins and improve quality, and all of this sustainably.

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Angular Leaf Spot

Angular leaf spot is a disease in strawberries caused by the bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas fragariae. Symptoms can vary depending on the variety, weather conditions, and time of year. Lesions are usually confined by the small veins of the leaf and infected areas appear lighter in colour when leaf is held up to the light.

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Tomato Virus Diagnosis Screening

There are over 100 tomato viruses affecting crops worldwide. These can result in significant challenges to crop quality and yield. Symptoms can include a range of mosaic patterns on leaves, stunted growth in some cases and discoloured fruit. 

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Foliar Nematodes from Plant Material

Symptoms of foliar nematode infection may include twisting and distortion of the plants, chlorosis and necrosis; often appearing as angular leaf spots or on the stem.

Newly launched - Vine Spore Monitoring Service

Protecting sustainable wine production

Vines are vulnerable to infection from fungal plant pathogens such as botrytis and mildew throughout an extensive growing season. If not controlled correctly they can be highly destructive and a persistent problem year upon year. Help protect your vines from these highly destructive pathogens using Fera’s Vine Spore Monitoring Service, which can;

  • Notify you when spores have been airborne in your vineyard

  • Support a more targeted approach to the timing and selection of fungicide applications

  • Reduce costs and promote sustainable wine production

  • Maximise product efficacy and reduce resistance build up

  • Increase grape yield and quality

Meet the Fera team

Fera has the best people in the right place focussed on delivering the right solution. We continuously invest in our people and support them in delivering the best science to our partners.

Areas of Expertise

Larissa Collins

Larissa has worked across a broad variety of entomological topics. She manages a team of 14 entomologists delivering insect identification and advice to Defra on Plant Health. Larissa manages insect monitoring programmes and research projects on insect vectoring of viral and bacterial plant pathogens for several commercial and government customers.  

Meet the scientists

Ian Brittain

Ian is a Plant Pathologist with extensive experience in molecular diagnostics, disease surveillance, pathogen epidemiology and in-field detection of plant pathogens in agricultural, horticulture and the natural environment. Currently Ian is developing a national spore monitoring network.

Antonia Walker

Antonia Walker

Antonia is the Plant Clinic Sales Manager at Fera. Antonia supports growers both in the UK and internationally by offering testing solutions and bespoke services on a wide range of crops. The team of scientists and diagnosticians in the Fera Plant Clinic offer the highest standard of diagnostics.

Big Soil Community presentation now available for download

During this year's Fruit Focus event Guy Thallon, Strategic Business Development Manager at Fera Science, presented his abstract on the Big Soil Community project.

His presentation focused on the 2018 project and our insights into the state of UK soil, and what that means for you and the future of your crop health. 


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