Paul Brereton: Turning data into decisions in the agri-food industry.


Paul Brereton: Turning data into decisions in the agri-food industry.

It may be preconceived that data analysis may not be of importance to the agri-food sector, however, it is a field in which is currently growing at a rapid rate and of great significance. In our current tech-dominated society, data is now viewed to be of great importance.

Reasoning behind large data’s collection and analysis is something that can be seen in its benefits. Benefits of data can be thought to come under four broad categories, this being; optimising fertilisers, adjusting crops, land management and adapting to climates. The significance of big data may be thought to have originally noted through the key-players, as the likes of IBM and Mars have been collaborating in order to improve safety by paying close attention to potential diseases.
However, with big data being of growing focus, it is something which is not yet fully utilised to the best of its advantage. The successful implementation of data in the agri-food sector must go about three key changes; a common pool of investments in data sharing platforms, a standardising of data and a set infrastructure must be achieved.  

With such a growth and alongside it challenges into big data in the agri-food sector, SCI Agrisciences Group and the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) are organising an event on the 22nd of November in London, with one of our scientist’s Paul Brereton  speaking at the event.