Creating a sustainable future - Advances in Environmental Risk Assessments


Creating a sustainable future - Advances in Environmental Risk Assessments

Plant protection products (PPPs) used in agriculture have doubled in numbers since the 1980s. Without them, the food safety of billions of people would be threatened. But the PPP chemical industry continues to face ongoing debate to ensure that these products raise the quality and yield crops with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. We’re ready to talk.

In July 2019, we will be hosting an inaugural event on chemical safety entitled 'Advances in Environmental Risk Assessments symposium', which invites members of the PPP industry to come together and discuss how to develop new solutions that will support an increase in agricultural outputs.

While we’re using significantly more plant protection products, introducing new ones into the industry is neither a quick nor simple process. The introduction of PPPs in the EU is strictly regulated and involves a lengthy procedure, including a science-based risk assessment.

On average, it takes eleven years for a new active substance to be brought to market, with EU rules stating that at least two of those years are spent from the date of an application’s admissibility to the publication of its approval. While advanced scientific research remains at the core of product development, so too does its obligation to pass regulations

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So, how do we help make the agricultural economy more productive, while making sure that new products meet stringent safety standards?

Time to talk

Our chemicals symposium offers representatives from across the supply chain the opportunity to hear and discuss recent scientific knowledge, developments and applications in environmental protection during agricultural production. Over the two days, the event will welcome regulators and international organisations from across the PPP chemicals industry to get to the heart of some of the its most crucial debate topics.

Opening the symposium will be Dr Andrew Curran, chief scientific adviser and director of research at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Curran is responsible for the leadership of 850 scientists, engineers and physicians, ensuring that there is an evidence-based challenge for HSE’s policies and procedures.

With recognised blue-chip companies, including Syngenta and TSG, in attendance, the event will act as a hub of industry knowledge and expertise. Discussion will be led on a wealth of topics looking at safety and innovation, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), disruptive technologies and higher tier risk assessments.

EDCs are man-made substances, typically found in materials such as pesticides, metals and food additives. They have long been suspected of interfering with reproductive functions in both humans and animals and are capable of altering hormone balance and embryo development.

One of the event’s keynote speakers is Dr Karen Thorpe, aquatic ecotoxicologist at Fera. With an expertise in studying the influence of chemicals on fish physiology and reproduction, including endocrine disrupters and the immune system, Thorpe will offer her valuable insight into this increasingly vital area of chemical research.

An expert attendance

And the event will not only host noteworthy speakers. With confirmed attendees spanning the industry, including regulatory specialists, consultants and managing directors of some of the world’s leading chemical regulations firms, the symposium will gain insight into areas of chemical production and regulation, and what the future of the industry will mean for their businesses.

As well as the event’s multitude of debates and discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to network with fellow industry experts and plant protection product peers. Both days of the symposium will conclude with a question and answer session, allowing guests to put their most pressing questions to some of the industry’s leading experts. In addition to hearing the debate attendees will also have the opportunity to have a tour of Fera’s vast array of testing facilities including the newly launched mesocosm.

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