Break with Convention– Join the Soil Revolution


Break with Convention– Join the Soil Revolution

Join a growing number of farmers who have been able to look at things differently.

It is anticipated that with the current trend of soil erosion and water pollution land could become too poor to sustain food crops by the end of the century. Soil contains food, water and air that is needed by plants to grow. Healthy soils contain a wide range of micro-organisms that help control plant diseases and pests, form beneficial relationships with plant roots, recycle nutrients, improve soil structure to maintain water and nutrients and ultimately improve crop production. The healthier the soil, the more nutrients a plant can soak up, the healthier the plant, the greater the yield.

We need to break with Convention and do things differently

You must have different expectations and begin managing your crops differently

Successful crop yields are dependent on soil health, our understanding of soil has deepened as we continue to invest in learning about and leveraging its inherent ability to sequester carbon, possess beneficial microbes and more. Increasingly it is realised that our farming practices are not always aligned with the underpinning biological systems. It’s time to allow modern agricultural to tap into data-driven science to deliver better results all round. It’s quite the opposite of “dirt boring.”

Understanding what’s in your soil?

Since the launch of Fera’s Big Soil Community (BSC) last year. Fera’s BSC can help provide farmers with the right knowledge to help them maintain or improve their soil health and grow healthier crops while adapting to climate change and other environmental variables. Participating in Fera’s BSC will give you an understanding of how microbial action is impacting carbon sequestration, changes to physio-chemical properties and ultimately its fertility, empowering you to make informed decisions which could increase crop yield, reduce costs and improve environmental health . Unlocking the complexities of soil health is vital to finding more sustainable growing methods, with research advancements like Fera’s BSC leading to healthier soil, increased yields and higher quality crops this can be achieved, helping create a more sustainable future.

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