Mesocosm Studies

  • The Edge of Field Waterbody Safety Assessment Facility (E-Flows) is designed to be a state of the art mesocosm providing a realistic test bed for regulatory risk assessments.
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Mesocosm Studies

Ecotoxicology services: mesocosm studies

E-Flows mesocosm facility

For further refinement of identified risk, mesocosm studies can be used to evaluate the potential impact on aquatic organisms under field conditions.

Simulation of field conditions for edge-of-field surface waters is often a compromise, due to the difficulty in providing habitat of appropriate scale and quality for aquatic communities.

The E-Flows design provides the first mesocosm facility that gives access to multiple fully flow-through streams at a field scale, which can safely receive compounds at the rates predicted to occur in the environment by models. This flow-through approach allows for accurate simulation of the expected field exposure and dissipation rates in realistic to worst case scenarios, providing suitable data for both Ecological Threshold Option (ETO-) and Ecological Recovery Option (ERO-) RACs. The design also incorporates sufficient replication to meet the Reliability Index 1 and includes provision for monitoring with GLP compliance.

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