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Enjoy Fera audio on the move - a wide range of programmes and highlights are available right across the agri-food sector as podcasts for you to download 

  • Fake Manuka Honey - Food Authenticity
  • The Bees - Our Essential Pollinators
  • From Farm to Fork - Fera Science's Vision
  • Bringing the Lab to the Field - Managing Plant Pathogens

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Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Want to know more about the media coverage generated about Fera Science? 

With the launch of many new exciting scientific services like GelSpec (Gelatine Animal Origin Analysis), OriGen (Foodborne Pathogen Detection)  .... Read More

Press Coverage

Fera Facts

Fera Facts

Since our beginnings, Fera have gone on to achieve a vast amount of accomplishments. From our innovations across various agri-food systems, to interesting facts that may come as lesser known. 

Interesting Facts about Fera Innovative Facts about Fera


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Here are some great examples of our videos discussing the very latest in scientific innovation and insights happening at Fera we have handpicked for a worthy mention

  • Integrated Crop Management
  • Bee Health
  • UAV Services
  • Plant Protection

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Our other websites

Our Other Websites

Fera has a number of other websites that might be of interest to you. From Environmental DNA (eDNA) testing for Great Crested Newts to Proficiency Testing services

Fapas - Proficiency Testing

Globally recognised provider of proficiency tests, running over 400 tests annually across an extensive range of matrices and analytes

Great Crested Newts Testing

A single sample taken by an ecologist at any time during the newt breeding season can determine their presence or absence, saving you time and money


Safeguarding essential pollinators - bees and other pollinating insects perform essential services in any ecosystem