International Partnerships

Our global scientific partnerships are built on providing mutual learnings and focussing on strategic improvements to achieve substantial development across various fields of delivery including Crop health, Food safety & farming eco-sustainability.

International Partnerships

Fera provides research and analysis activities across the globe, providing tangible advantages across a range of disciplines.

We aim to provide key advantages across three key areas:

Upskill and Upgrade

Fera specialises in regulatory compliance for governments and industry across a range of areas, including:

  • Plant & crop health & biosecurity
  • Food safety and authenticity
  • Biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

We help industry in opening, maintaining and growing internal & export markets.

We are well placed to do this through Feras national reference laboratory status for 9 food testing disciplines. This provides us with the expertise and credibility to conduct training and upgrades of existing systems.

Design and Measure

Fera's broad testing remit, from new agri-chemical efficacy and registration to food monitoring programmes, give us a stable basis from which to provide the effective bespoke requirements needed to help set up complex compliance schemes & research trials, which are invaluable to enable trade across the globe.

Build Consensus

Feras decades of expertise across the agricultural sector results in expert risk mitigation analysis, and the ability to provide competent direction for special cases. Risk mitigation strategies can then be well informed from which to provide

We work closely with governments and public institutions to provide an independent expert opinion for potential outbreaks and risk mitigation strategies across a range of scientific fields such as crop and seed health & food safety and quality.