Invertebrate Supply Unit

Explore more with Fera’s Invertebrate Supply Unit (ISU)

Invertebrate Supply Unit

At Fera Science Limited we can support Entomologists by breeding and maintaining invertebrate colonies in our Invertebrate Supply Unit (ISU).

The ISU maintains over 30 different invertebrate species to GLP standards, within our Animal Facility in Sand Hutton, York. The majority of these species are available for purchase subject to availability.

The species available include:
  • Beetles
  • House Fly
  • True Bugs
  • Moths
  • Mites

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Available Taxa Order Type Family Common Name
Acanthoscelides obtectus Coleoptera Beetles Bruchidae Dried Bean Beetle
Ahasverus advena Silvanidae Foreign Grain Beetle
Anthrenus flavipes Dermestidae Furniture Carpet Beetle
Cryptolestes ferrugineus Cucujidae Rust Red Grain Beetle
Dermestes maculatus Dermestidae Leather Beetle
Niptus hololeucus Coleoptera Beetles Ptinidae Golden Spider Beetle
Oryzaephilus mercator Anobiidae Merchant Grain Beetle
Oryzaephilus surinamensis Silvanidae Saw-toothed Grain Beetle
Prostephanus truncatus Bostrichidae Larger Grain Borer
Rhyzopertha dominica Bostrichidae Lesser Grain Borer
Sitophilus granarius Curculionidae Grain Weevil
Sitophilus oryzae Curculionidae Rice Weevil
Sitophilus zeamais Curculionidae Maize Weevil
Stegobium paniceum Anobiidae Drug Store Beetle
Tenebrio molitor Tenebrionidae Mealworm Beetle
Tribolium castaneum Tenebrionidae Red Flour Beetle
Tribolium confusum Dermestidae Confused Flour Beetle
Trogoderma granarium Dermestidae Khapra Beetle


Available Taxa Order Type Family Common Name
Musca domestica Diptera Fly Muscidae House Fly

True Bugs

Available Taxa Order Type Family Common Name
Myzus persicae Hemiptera True Bugs Aphididae Green Peach Aphid


Available Taxa
Acarus siro
Blomia tropicalis
Dermatophagoides farinae
Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
Lepidoglyphus destructor
Thyreophagus entomophagus
Tyrophagus longior
Tyrophagus putrescentiae
Glycyphagus domesticus


Available Taxa Order Family Common Name
Ephestia elutella Lepidoptera Pyralidae Warehouse Moth
Plodia interpunctella Lepidoptera Pyralidae Indian-meal Moth
Sitotroga cerealella Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Angoumois Grain Moth
Tineola bisselliella Lepidoptera Tineidae Webbing Clothes Moth

*Not all the species are available commercially so please contact us for further information stating the species you are interested in


Next Day* delivery charges for UK orders start from £9 for delivery before 1pm
Next Day* delivery charges for UK orders start from £35 for delivery before 9am
*We will advise on delivery charge and lead times when the order is placed

Insects from £85 + VAT per 100 per species

Mites (Per Species) = Live Mites: £400/g + VAT

Mites (Per Species) = Dead Mites: £80/g + VAT

For any further information or to check availability/place an order email: 

[email protected]

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