Choose Your Insect Bioconversion Service

Choose Your Insect Bioconversion Service

Solving Global Food Challenges

Are you looking to repurpose your organic waste streams to improve your environmental footprint and supply chain sustainability? Are you seeking to valorise your organic waste streams more effectively?

Fera provides the R&D and consultancy to explore with you the full scope and potential of insect bioconversion for your business. Whether you seek to dispose of your organic waste streams more sustainably or are considering how to valorise your waste streams or build your own insect bioreactor, Fera has the expertise to help. No matter where you are on your journey, Fera has a package of support to match your needs.

  REDUCE SERVICEReduce White Sympoble
  Understand if insect bioconversion is right for your business 

For businesses looking understand if insect bioconversion could be used to capture the value of their waste whilst reducing its impact on the environment.

Using our extensive scientific expertise and practical experience, Fera will work with you to assess the suitability of your organic waste for insect bioconversion, together with the potential for reducing waste stream management costs and improving sustainability.

How Fera's REDUCE service can help you:

Fera will provide a full waste mapping analysis of your waste streams, identifying management strategies, costs, and any potential hazards. Our experts review and will advise you on the appropriateness of insect bioconversion for your business.

Our experts will conduct initial, small-scale growth and development studies, using the selected insect species Fera will study how quickly the insect larvae develop, whilst converting the waste into frass. The nutritional properties of the larvae produced will also be assessed and appropriate safety testing will be performed to ensure the absence of harmful material that could render the larvae unsuitable for your chosen specific use.

Should your waste streams need to be refined to achieve the desired output or quality, Fera will perform trials to optimise substrate ‘recipes’ based on your available organic residues combined with our knowledge of the nutritional requirements of the insects to produce the best possible insect-derived products.

  REPURPOSE SERVICE Repurpose Symbol
  Testing at scale

For businesses who have already shown that their waste streams are suitable for insect bioconversion.

Fera will test the bioconversion process using your waste streams at large scale. This ensures the process works optimally at scale before you undertake implementation, reducing the risk to your business.

Scale testing also provides comprehensive information for modelling and business case development.

How Fera's REPURPOSE service can help you:

The large volume trials will be run in Fera’s purpose-built facility to produce increased volumes of the end-material for analysis and identification of end-use markets. Potential markets could be pet food companies, animal feed producers, farmers, and horticulturists to use the frass as soil improver and fertiliser, chitin for packaging or as biofuels. All solutions contribute to the circular economy as well as reducing the amount of waste to landfill.

Every client is unique and Fera’s ‘wrap around’ consultancy will help you to decide whether the day-to-day insect bioconversion operations should be managed in house or by a third-party provider. Fera brings proven international experience to provide business planning combined with up-to-date knowledge on regulations and standards.

  REDISTRIBUTE SERVICERedistribute Symbol White
  Putting theory into practice

For businesses who are ready to develop and build their own bioreactors.

Fera has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in achieving a high-performance bioreactor. Fera brings specialist knowledge to ensure the right conversion ratios and quality and safety of your outputs. We also offer advice on current regulations and market insights, resulting in clarity on the types of products you can achieve, their value and volumes plus potential users and purchasers.

For established insect farming businesses who already have their own bioreactor(s) we provide ongoing quality testing, training, and operational support.

How Fera's REDISTRIBUTE service can help you:

Working in partnership with you and engineering companies, chosen by either yourselves or assisted by Fera, we will equip you with the knowledge and tools to maximise the benefits.

Knowledge of country-specific regulations and specifications will be in-built into the process with onsite visits as necessary, combined with quality assurance training for all. Fera can assist also in the full commissioning and launch of the unit.

Don't see you ideal solution? Get in touch with our experts today to disucss your specific requirements.

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