Insect Bioconversion – Research & Development

Insect Bioconversion – Research & Development

Fera's leading key research into industrial insect applications

The following timeline illustrates key projects led by Fera and important regulation changes in industrial insect applications:

From 2018-2020, Fera chaired the UK Task & Finish Group on Insect Biomass Conversion representing key stakeholders across the insect biomass value chain

The Insect Biomass Industry for Animal Feed: The Case for UK-based and Global Business

Members of the Insect Biomass Task & Finish Group represent key stakeholders across the Insect Biomass value chain and are committed to collaborating in order to deliver insect production at scale in the UK. The Government and its central agencies have a significant role to play in realising this innovation for UK-based and global business given its alignment with the UK Global Food Security Programme and the circular economy. All members have agreed that the following actions are key to enabling the realisation of a new insect biomass conversion industry for the UK. 

There is a need for Government to act swiftly to ensure the UK does not lose further ground in this rapidly developing global market. EU-Exit provides an opportunity rather than a barrier to accelerate the development of a UK based and global business. Reducing food waste by half would avoid 1.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year by 2050, but with the growing population and expected increase in food demand to be 60-70% by 2050, how can the food industry ensure they continue to meet demand, whilst also adhering to the global sustainability drive? 


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Fera's Insect Bioconversion R&D

Map and Analyse

Insect Performance Trials -
(Large Volume)

Nutritional / Safety Analysis of Insect Products

Insect Performance Trials
(Early & Small Scale)

Business Planning

Understanding the Market -
Regulatory / Commercial Considerations

Refine and Develop -
Optimise ‘Recipe’

Design, Build and Commission of an Operation IBR
(Insect Bioreactor)

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