Stay on top of food safety with HorizonScan

  • HorizonScan gives you 24/7 access to real-time data, as well as historic datasets to use for long term trend analysis.
  • 2 Week Trial
Stay on top of food safety with HorizonScan

HorizonScan Preview

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A technology-led solution for managing complex supply chains

HorizonScan gives you access to real-time data covering over 500 Commodities, 180 countries, 22,000 suppliers and hazards, from food fraud to allergens.

HorizonScan is a collaborative software and data platform that provides top UK supermarkets, foodservice operators and manufacturers with previously unseen insight into their direct and indirect supply chains. This system will help keep you posted on hazard and risk assessments across all food sectors from around the world and specific issues that may concern you like fraud, microbial contaminants, residues of veterinary drugs, pesticide residues, mycotoxins, allergens, heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs and many more.

HorizonScan gives you 24/7 access to real-time data, as well as historic datasets to use for long term trend analysis. HorizonScan can help you keep ahead of the game by daily monitoring of emerging, new and novel issues in the commodities you use, wherever you might source them. The system can also aid with the data needed to complete your vulnerability assessments for BRC in the prevention of food fraud from adulteration, substitution, fraudulent documentation to expiry date changes, production in unapproved premises, production with inspection and unsuitable means of transport. For supply chain managers with multiple ingredient responsibilities and complex international supply chains, or companies looking for new supply options, this system enables you to conduct topline investigations and be alerted to issues very quickly.

  • Pro-actively monitor food supply chain issues on a global scale.
  • Keep your supply chain safe and your business running without interruption.
  • Search by commodity, country of origin, type of threat, supplier and more.
  • Set up automatic alerts for the commodities and issues most important to you.

A user-friendly modern platform

Areas of Expertise

Incidents Tracked

  • Food Fraud
  • Pesticides and drug residues
  • Foreign objects
  • Mycotoxins
  • Allergens
  • GMOs
  • Heavy metals
  • Dioxins, PCBs, PAHs
  • key benefits

    Key Benefits

  • Identify current risks
  • Customizable daily email alerts
  • Comply with FSMA
  • Research suppliers, worldwide
  • Rank analytical priorities
  • Access 15+ years of historical data
  • Reduce risk of recalls
  • Protect YOUR Brand & Customers

  • Horizonscan facts

    HorizonScan Facts

  • 550+ commodities tracked
  • 180+ countries of origin
  • 110+ global data sources
  • 30+ new reports per day
  • 110,000+ total incident records
  • 22,000+ suppliers

  • Supplier Check

    Allowing you to check individual companies for previous commodity-specific references to food integrity issues in their supply chain.

    Regular email alert

    Regular email alerts related specifically to your commodity interests.

    Searchable summaries

    Searchable summary of all problems in individual commodities at an international level.

    Data Coverage

    We track 500+ commodities over 180 countries of origin including tracking 22,000+ suppliers. There are 30+ new entries nearly every day produced from over 180 global data sources.

    Detailed breakdowns

    Detailed breakdowns of fraud and authenticity issues.

    HorizonScan User guide  Talk to us about a 14 day trial

    Why not watch the HorizonScan Webinar to get a feel for the system

    Watch the HorizonScan Webinar

    Also included within your HorizonScan subscription is the full version of the commodity report Hot Source. 

    Hot Source 2020

    Food Integrity API & Data Feed.

    You can now gain access to the raw data that is collected daily to feed HorizonScan by plug this data directly into your own ERP system using our new Data API.

    Raw data from hundreds of Global Official Sources collected daily for the last 15 years covering over 500 Commodities, 180 countries, 22,000 suppliers and hazards, from Food Fraud to Allergens and Microbes. This data powers our global food safety issues tool, Horizonscan supporting our clients avoid potential issues every day and is now available as an API feed into your ERP system.

    Where Science Meets Standards....HorizonScan Partners with Screen (BSI)

    Leading science and business standards companies Fera and BSI recognise the issues facing the food sector and are responding to this by working together.   The combined power of HorizonScan and SCREEN to deliver the latest risk based supply chain information is unfathomable, that is why both companies will be highlighting to customers the opportunities to be had by using their complimentary technology-led supply chain solution platform products simultaneously.

    BSI is the business standards company whose range of supply chain security tools and network of experts around the world help companies evaluate their overall supply chain risk as well as the potential risks that specific suppliers may face. SCREEN (Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network) is a web-based portal providing live risk-based heat maps, spotlight news, intelligence reports and country risk reports covering food safety and fraud, supply chain security, corporate social responsibility as well as environmental and business continuity.

    Read more about the Partnership

    SCREEN is used globally by the supply chain procurement, security, social responsibility and sustainability professionals of global importers, manufacturers, associations and governments to quantify supply chain risk in over 200 countries. 

    Being able to offer both solutions will help the food sector:-

  • Identify current risks to business-critical commodities
  • Implement contingencies in response to meteorological and social disruptions
  • Reduce the risk of recalls 
  • Research new, back-up and alternative suppliers and factor product safety into the decision-making process

  • Find out about Screen

    BSI Screen

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