Gelatine Authenticity Services

  • To support labelling of food products and due diligence activities, Fera offer services to verify the species origin of gelatine in food products.
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Gelatine Authenticity Services

Gelatine is an ingredient used in a wide range of foods. Gelatine is often prepared from bovine (beef), porcine (pork) and piscine (fish) material. 

The services are based on peptide marker liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), offering an advantage over DNA-based methods especially in gelatine in which high levels of DNA degradation occur due to the highly processed nature of the product.

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Gelatine Animal Origin Analysis

Fera has developed a pepitide LC-MS/MS technique which can be used to determine whether a food product or ingredient contains ruminant or pork gelatine to a known detection level.

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