FuturePack - Towards a Circular Economy

The role of FuturePack is encouraging discussion and knowledge exchange in a neutral environment whilst providing access to new information for the benefit of the sector. Providing a platform that will identify and address the needs of the industry.

FuturePack - Towards a Circular Economy

A Vision for a Circular Economy

FuturePack unites food packaging manufacturers, retailers, processors, suppliers and academia from around the UK for sharing best practice, lessons learned, detection and prevention methods, alongside discussion of the common challenges the packaging supply chain industry face. Last year we held several meetings under the FuturePack banner with the aim of promoting developments in new packaging alternatives as well as packaging training and research. 

Collaboration is Key to Success

2019 will be a crucial year for industries involved the packaging and waste management value chain. Introduced last year, the amended form of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive sets a target for obliged industries of ensuring that 65% of packaging waste is recycled by the year 2025, and 70% by 2030.

Reaching these targets will be complicated by inconsistencies in the way that member states track, measure and report the proportion of recycled waste, as well as by questions over the efficacy of deposit return schemes and the apportioning of incentives.

Another challenge comes in the form of the Single-Use Plastics Ban, confirmed in December last year. With the date for compliance set at 2021, the European Union will be the first of the world’s major economic blocs to eliminate the distribution of single-use plastics.

This also means that European industries will have to take the lead on solving some of the problems a ban might involve, including pioneering the use of suitable alternatives, and finding ways to prompt changes in consumer behaviour.

Fera has the best people in the right place focussed on delivering the right solution. We continuously invest in our people and support them in delivering the best science to our partners.
Areas of Expertise

Emma Bradley

Emma is an analytical chemist by training. She has more than 18 years of experience in the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and specifically chemical migration from food contact materials and articles.

Ioana Lock 

Ioana is a microbiologist at Fera.  As part of this she provides consultancy for customers in the areas of microbiology, food safety (HACCP) and allergen management.

Why not join the movement?

Join this growing movement for packaging professionals and become part of the revolution, as we all work towards a circular economy. With the current focus on packaging, it is a great opportunity to hear about the cutting edge developments and ongoing research into packaging made from natural renewable resources. 

Why not read some of the presentations and transcripts from the previous meetings held by clicking the link below. Interested in joining us - get in touch. 

What's happening with us right now?

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