Hot Source Q1 2018

  • We live in an ever-changing world with new trends and themes impacting the daily life of the average consumer, incorporating software technology like HorizonScan into our armoury, can ensure effective supply chain visibility.
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Hot Source Q1 2018

Radical transparency – is this the new watchword?

A customer walks into a store. They pick up a food product. And then they hesitate. Can they trust it? Can they be sure it’s been made the right way? Can they be certain that the food industry has done all it can to deliver a quality product through a process they can believe in? More and more consumers are having that moment of hesitation, and it’s the food industry’s greatest challenge. The numbers paint a dim picture: Only about a third of consumers think the agriculture community and food companies are transparent. Yet nearly two thirds (65%) of consumers want more food production knowledge. How can food companies close that gap? With education through clear, consistent messaging. Perceptions of transparency in food production are improving, but there is plenty of room to grow.

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  • Supply chain risk control is not only a new FSMA requirement but is an important part of brand protection in today’s food safety environment. HorizonScan is a great resource to better understand where the risks are in your supply chain, and thus better manage those risks. To learn more about HorizonScan and take advantage of our 2 week free trial click the link below.


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You can use HorizonScan pro-actively to monitor food supply chain issues, from fraud and authenticity concerns, to pesticide or veterinary drug residues, environmental and other contaminants, microbiological problems, allergens and more. A 2 week free trial is available.

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Hot Source Q1 2018 contains up to date information of the insights within Fera's powerful HorizonScan & FC24 platforms. 

Within this document you can expect:

  • Risk mitigating insights into the global food supply chain
  • Expert analysis of the Q1 findings from the Fera Team
  • Key emerging issues to look out for in the year ahead.
  • Increasing issues of food fraud, broken down clearly by food type

Fera's Hot Source series is built on HorizonScan - Fera's powerful global food safety and risk system. A 2 week free trial is also available for HorizonScan.

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