Hot Source Q2 2018

We live in an ever-changing world with new food trends and themes as well as scares and fraud impacting the daily life of the average consumer, by incorporating software technology like HorizonScan into your armoury, can help combat food fraud.

Hot Source Q2 2018

Global Food Integrity and Risk System

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety now focuses more on the transparency of the supply chain. HorizonScan can help you keep ahead of the game by daily monitoring of emerging, new and novel issues in the commodities you use, wherever you might source them. The system can also provide you with the data needed to complete your vulnerability assessments for BRC in the prevention of food fraud from adulteration, substitution, fraudulent documentation to expiry date changes, production in unapproved premises, production with inspection and unsuitable means of transport.

Reach for the very latest Hot Source edition, populated with data from HorizonScan

  • With a global database of raw material and commodity issues across all food integrity areas running from 1999, HorizonScan can help put your mind at rest. Whether you need to illustrate proactive monitoring of supply chain issues, be it fraud and authenticity concerns, pesticide or veterinary drug residues, environmental and other contaminants, microbiological problems or allergens. To learn more about HorizonScan and take advantage of our 2 week free trial click here.


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You can use HorizonScan pro-actively to monitor food supply chain issues, from fraud and authenticity concerns, to pesticide or veterinary drug residues, environmental and other contaminants, microbiological problems, allergens and more. A 2 week free trial is available.

Hot Source Q2 2018

Hot Source Q2 2018 contains up to date information of the insights within Fera's powerful HorizonScan & FC24 platforms. 

Within this document you can expect:

  • Why food fraud is a growing concern
  • A case study covering meat discolouration
  • A case study covering seafood testing
  • Horizonscan highlights: 2018 Q2 roundup
  • Global food integrity issues reported on Horizonscan

Fera's Hot Source series is built on HorizonScan - Fera's powerful global food safety and risk system. Once you've experienced the power of HorizonScan you'll wonder how you managed without if, for a two week free trial click here.

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