Food Sample Shipping Information

Food Sample Shipping Information

Sending samples for food testing

Please note that if you are sending food samples from outside the European Union for testing you may require an import licence. More information can be found here. Please check the requirement for an import licence prior to purchase to prevent any dissatisfaction. If samples are sent without the correct import licence, this may result in your sample being lost or destroyed. If you have any questions about sending us your sample please contact us on: +44 (0)300 100 0323 or email

Preparing your sample

To help us offer the best possible service we need the best possible sample.

  • Try to send a sample that is representative.
  • When submitting samples, please submit approx. 100g of representative food or pharmaceutical stuff.
  • Ridged containers are recommended rather than other types of packaging as material can be easily damaged.
Download and complete our Food Sample submission form and send it along with your samples to:

Sample Prep Team
Fera Science Ltd,
Sand Hutton,
YO41 1LZ

Download Sample Submission Form

All samples should be put in a strong envelope or cardboard box with your submission form and packed securely.

Ideally, samples should be despatched by either express courier service or first-class post to arrive at Fera the next working day however, as our site is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing you give us advanced notification that your samples will arrive outside of normal opening hours and what condition they should be stored in i.e. frozen, we can make the necessary arrangements to receive your samples and store them until the lab re-opens the next working day. 

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